it's just some days ago the first women's longboard camp came to an end but thinking back and going through the pictures I took it feels like its stories and impressions could fill my whole summer.
amidst a small and sleepy village in slovenia a bunch of lively girls gathered from all over europe to defeat the bear. the bear is a hill. a huge one and quite steep as well. facing the bear's guts for the first time gave me the creeps.

i hardly can't believe how much everybody learned and improved. besides the amazing job our instructors fee, sophie, christine, anni and glori did by responding to everybody's needs i think the bubbling energy between us girls brought ourselves to do things some of us maybe never thought of doing in our lives.

of course there were not just girls. it were the boys who protected the track with 2000! hay bails before. and they were doing great as road marshals. they gave us some important hints for sliding and drove us up the hill and not to forget the campfire they made every night.

at the beginning of the camp all participants got a longboard we set up together at a workshop. distracted by its wonderful shape and sixxa's great pirate ship graphic we screwed around and learned a lot about bushings, kingpins and bearings, yo.

in this idyllic creek that builds the boarder to croatia we found our cooling after skating. and yes, in some of us it awoke the animal.

this is one of the last pictures I took. it's nice to see how close we all got after some days sharing our passion. only crew love is true love.
this week teached me a lot. a healthy fear is important but sometimes it's time to switch off your brain and just listen to your heart. whether it's about going downhill as fast as you can or just do another turn while dancing on your board. with every try you grow.

sonja, i loved to listen to your songs.

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........................................ 16. August 2012 um 11:43  

Oh what a beautiful recollection of memories dearest miss bily. you defiantly have a talent to capture delicate moments. loving your pictures, text and sound documentation, especially the last one is heart warming and make me want to turn back time. thank you for sharing the stoke. love sophie

smile at your sister 24. August 2012 um 13:54  

sophie! your comment means a lot to me. you are a person who always opens new approaches to me when we meet. i especially sticked to the comparison between shamans and people in boardsports.

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