when we drove along lonesome coastal areas we often were surrounded by a certain mysticism. we remember this one moment when an old lady opened the gate for us to get to sylter elbow, a beautiful deserted nature protection area on the northern tip of sylt. her eerie glance let us think we were passing over to a banned world.

there are many legends that are passed on from generation to generation we would like to share with you.

dwarfs and hobgoblins
a long time ago the island was populated by dwarfs and hobgoblins. when the moon was shining bright you could see them dancing on dunes and picking berries. but they were evil. they stole ham and cheese, they milked cows and they tried to steal the sylter's daughters and wifes.

ekke nekkepenn
once there lived a merman called ekke nekkepenn down the ocean bed. when a storm flood brands against the shore a legend says it's ekke nekkepenn's revenge. it's a story about love, greed and disappointment.

pider lüng
and probably the most famous story is about a guy whose name was pider lüng. he was stubborn and hard-headed but soft-hearted when it came to inequity. of him arose "jaa, lewwer duad üs slaaw!" what means as much as "rather dead than a slave".
we've heared about men living on sylt having this sentence tattooed as a sign of solidarity to their origin and their island. true story.

to get to know more about sylt's pecularities just click here.

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