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after a super windy canoe trip on sunday I've learnt how to set up a newsletter yesterday. jump on and subscribe to good news about yoga-surf-longboard related events & workshops.




this saturday was full of good energy and miles of smiles. the longboard girls crew austria and me called for a feel-good-day in the beautiful surroundings of the donauinsel including yoga, longboarding and healthy food.

alongside a pond with ducks and surrounded by huge trees that provided cooling shadow we've started with our vinyasa flow inspired yoga session. we strenghtened, stretched and balanced ourselves in view of the upcoming longboard workshops. thanks to all of you girls for coming and giving rise to this special happening. this was the very best first yoga lesson I could imagine.

after moving our bodies we filled our bellies with food by naturkost st. josef, a great place to eat and buy organic food in vienna's 7th district. due to sophie and her organic food connection and nici's love for biking – in that case she's been the cute delivery girl – we enjoyed braceing ourselves for cruising, sliding and dancing in good company.

another huge thank you goes to vitaminwater for providing us with refreshing drinks all day long. the fox and the racoon loved it as well.

during small breaks we got round flicking through golden ride magazine that served us with beautiful pictures and stories from all over the world.

and this is where the action happened. Sophie Friedel, known for her powerful slides and magical bubbling character, introduced them girls to speed and sliding techniques ... and they turned them to hot wheels.

Ness, the style kiddo.

Nicole Fleck, photographer and graphic designer by profession, outdoor sports lover and food enthusiast by nature helped with words and deeds at the beginner workshop. what a joy to see the girls making great progress with foot breaking and slalom riding within an afternoon.

~ yay to summer! yay to you girls! ~
here's a song I thought about using at yoga, but didn't: om shakti. 
enjoy summer.




a beautiful movie for rainy nights. she's so her own hero.

for some people it might be strange to just wanna be by themselves but it might be the most precious source for digging for gold in yourself.




it's gonna be a good day to have a good day! join the Longboard Girls Crew Austria and me for longboarding, yoga and yummy food.

click here for more infos and don't forget to bring your swimming things.




surfing and yoga are two of our favourite things in summer. that's why anita fuchs, editor-in-chief and photographer of golden ride magazine, and me got up early morning at sunrise and captured a surf yoga flow for all the lucky ones beneath you who are gonna go on a surf trip soon. 

we play with dynamic movements, balance and flexibility to build up power and stamina. so you'll be the one who catches the wave – and not the wave is gonna catch you.

additionally to all the inspiring stories of this summer issue that wanna make you go far far away to I am especially happy about the feature about sophie friedel – the-always-smiling-and-always-carrying-peace-in-her-heart-girl – who presents some great slide trick tips for longboarders. 

a very special thanks goes to Christine Stiessel who contributed ideas to the surf yoga flow and refined it. thank you for creating such a profound base that I will build on my continually journey after an enriching year at yogawege teacher training.




glowing roads,
smell of pines,
bleeding knees,
mighty waves,
feathers in the sand

& pure hearts.

I am gonna go for less pictures and more music to keep it vibrating. you are very welcome to jump on this ride with the portugaldiaries spotify playlist.




dog days are over when we all went in black unisex wetsuits to water. high five to two spanish girls that join feminine shapes and colours that make girls feel ride pretty. I dare to say normcore is over. hola blondy wetsuits!

who is blondy wetsuits? 
we are two sea lovers in search of a wetsuit that make us feel comfortable, sexy and unique while we enjoy the ocean and make things we love.  

when designing a wetsuit what do you always have in mind?  
women. there's more women in the water and its women who have to design womens surfer clothes. we also get inspired in our trips, people and the world that surrounds us and palmtrees pictures. 

I love your playful and flowery shoot including Louie Louie flowerpieces. let us know more about this collaboration. 
we are really happy with the collaboration. it was as simple as picking up the phone, telling LouieLouie girls we loved their flowerpieces and asking them if they wanted to make something together. we met personally the day of the shooting and the pictures are the result of the good energy that was going on between the girls who were there that day and the desire and yearning to go through with our projects.  

bit by bit even many of the big brands switch to more feminine cuts and brighter colours for wetsuits. what do you think will be the next big thing? or rather how would you imagine your dream wetsuit if there would be no limitations productional? 
a friend of mine dreams with the idea of having wetsuits that you could put them on like spray. well, why not? when we are designing a new collection we have so many ideas and options we go crazy, there are so many things we wanna try and that havent been done yet. our objective is to dress up women in the water and make them feel beautiful with trendy designs.

what's the coldest place you found yourself surfing with a blondy wetsuit? 
the coldest place has been Hendaye, France. a february stormy day of this winter. while we were in the water it started hailing heavily. it was extremly cold for a girl from the south of Spain. 

what makes you smile?
it's easy to make us smile, but if I had to choose I would say dancing, catching a good wave, surfing new spots and when tomorrow isn't the same than today. 




I've never been that princess kind of girl. I must admit that I slightly felt like one when I got that surprise package by Rip Curl, all neatly wrapped up in a pineapple. opening the pineapple revealed a neon shorty wetsuit and bikinis. 

maybe you know the story about "three secrets for cinderella". one night she opens a hazelnut and there she gets a beautiful dress for a ball night to meet her prince and of course she rides a white horse to get to his castle.

hello real life. I went to a lake with ma boy, we rented a boat and heard deer rustle in the woods.

thank you
~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡~




for the girls with messy hair & thirsty hearts.
dream away this monday with my wanderlust mix for INDIE Magazine.




Ruby Warrington moves light-footed between fashion, culture and modern cosmic thinking in her technicolor dream world called The Numinous. it's a miraculous place for material girls that hold dear of the mystical world. this is where genious sweaters and the magic happen.

what's your zodiac sign and how much of its characteristics is true? 
I’m an aries, and typical of my sign in many ways. I’m very positive, straightforward and honest, and I like to do things my own way. but I’m also impatient and often have to discipline myself to see a project through to the end as I’m always getting excited about the next new idea.

what is the numinous in a few sentences? 
“numinous” is a magical word which literally means “that which is unknown and unknowable.” I’ve used it as the title for my online magazine, which covers everything mystical through a fashion forward lifestyle lens. So many people in the fashion and beauty industry are deeply mystical creatures, and it seemed crazy to me that until now there was no media platform where these two worlds could co-exist in appreciative harmony!

acro yoga superstar Chelsey Korus wearing The Numinous

your shirts are such a perfect symbol of the blend of the mystical and material world. how do you keep the balance between those two worlds? 
by not trying to be anything that I’m not, and at the same time honouring all parts of myself. while I’m fascinated by every aspect of what I call “now age” spirituality – be it astrology, sound healing or shamanism – I also love beautiful things, and actually embracing both the mystical and the material feels like balance to me. like I’m deeply appreciative of my yoga practise, but I was never going to be the kind of yogi who went off to meditate on an ashram for months at a time.

do you have any ritual to give yourself a treat?
a shaman recently told me I need to get a massage at least every two weeks, as I hold a lot of emotional tension in my body. this was music to my ears. I love nothing better than a deep tissue massage to relax me mentally and physically, and this used to be my treat – but now I look on it as a necessity. 

I just soaked up the articles about a weekly williamsburg spirit seance and full moon ceremonies on your website. where did you have your most numinous experience ever?  
it was actually in a kundalini yoga class. in the long meditation at the end of class I experienced a very profound psychic connection to my father, which came from nowhere as a vision in which I experienced his deep sadness about us not being in contact properly for a long time. I was in floods of tears afterwards, and contacted him to plan a short road trip together a couple of months later. It was the first time we’d spent time together “just us” for about 15 years, and was deeply healing for our relationship. Another time I had a very vivid dream about a beautiful ginger cat – just like the one I adopted a few weeks later, who I believe used the dream to “choose” me as it’s owner. to me, both these experiences were examples of The Numinous – the energy that connects every living being to one another across time and space – in action.

do you have a mantra for these days and would you like to share it? 
“there is no such thing as the wrong answer.”

Ruby is a british lifestyle writer living in NY. she writes for numerous magazines and papers such as Sunday Times Style in the UK and she has a regular wellness column on lululemon.

mystical material girls, these sweaters make both of your hearts leap for joy. order via shop@thenuminous.net




what a nice hanging out. just me, my hammock and the magazine that I just crowned to be the most beautiful and adventurous all girls boardsports magazine I know. golden ride got a relaunch and it suits it so well! past whales wearing hats, indie bikini brands, intense playground workouts and an awareness-raising story about our consumer behaviour this issue takes us straight to the ocean. with its step off the beaten track the magazine has grown and gained depth and I am super happy to be a part of it with my contribution about the "art of attention".

here's a little preview of the world of packed backpacks, cut-off shorts and fully scrawled over travel diaries.

Anita Fuchs, Nathalie Gandrille and Kristian Kimmel, this whohooo is for you: whohooo!




mornings - krista marie starr ~ yoga teacher from Viktor Cahoj on Vimeo.

the morning is an innocent time of the day. small rituals might help to focus and center ourselves so the rest of our life is gonna be big, I mean even bigger.

"mornings" is a short film series looking at morning rituals. 
how do your rituals look like?




in my understanding you don't need the best and most expensive yoga mat from the beginning. the best mat doesn't make you the best yogi. however it should be non-slip, comfortable and eco friendly and it should come in a colour that makes you feel energized and sturdy. 

at this moment I can't imagine happier mats than the magic carpet yoga mats. all designs are hand drawn by Sophie Leininger. they are non-toxic, phtalate-free and sustainably printed in California. check them beauties out and enjoy the magic ride.




tasting the sky and sending a deeply rooted high 5 to patagonia for this kewl tie-dye shirt from their summer 2014 yoga collection.

it's not just juicy and comfortable but environmentally conscious as well. check out patagonia's ambassadors enjoying some of the most beautiful places and reimagine a world where we take only what nature can replace.

thanks a lot, like a lot!




stand tall and proud
inhale, exhale
remember your roots
drink plenty of water
enjoy the view

artwork by müge yilmaz




yoga is one of the best means to get your body, mind and soul ready for the mountains.

the various strengthening and lengthening exercises don’t only prepares bones and muscles for the action up hill, but also trains the mind to focus, balance, and stay calm in all situations. and since everything just flows that little bit smoother with proper inspiration, this whole sequence was shot in front of the perfect winter backdrop in a little Bavarian forest to add some external motivation.

with a bit of yoga experience you can obviously try some of the poses on your next walk or in your favourite nature spot just make sure you have tried them before and are absolutely confident with their execution as we will not take any liability for any mishaps!

start standing in Tadasana with your feet hip-width apart, outer sides of feet parallel to the sides of your mat. have the knees slightly bent and your pelvis upright (tailbone slightly tucked without losing the curve in the lower back). open your arms and palms towards the sky and charge yourself up with nature's energy in Prana Mudra. Close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths here to center yourself and ignite the practice. 

eyes still closed, swipe your arms up until palms meet and cross all fingers except index fingers and thumbs for the centering Sampurna Mudra. exhale lower your hands exhaling through the midline and bring them in front of your heart. repeat as many times as you like – or until you feel really focused and centered.


exhale, bend your knees and bow forward for Uttanasana. bend knees so much (or little) that your finger tips reach the ground. inhale lengthen your spine (and bend knees more if you have to), exhale round and bow again. repeat 3 times. add a couple rounds of Sun Salutations to get the energy moving and the muscles warmed up. You can use any variation / style that you know or like. if youre not familiar with any yet, there is a bunch of video tutorials on YouTube.


continue from Uttanasana by rotating your hands so palms face forward and thumbs out to the sides. Exhale, bend your knees and sit back until your thighs are almost parallel to the floor and you can still see your big toes (if not, carefully bring your weight more to your heels until you can). inhale and sweep your arms up for Utkatasana, palms facing each other. make sure your knees dont drop in to the middle but keep them pointing in the same direction as your toes. This is a great pose to strengthen your thighs, insides of the thighs and the knees! before staying, well add a little dynamic flow to get in the right energy. exhale bow forward again and straighten legs for Uttanasana, inhale sit back and sweep arms up again. repeat a couple of times, then stay with your arms overhead when exhaling. play with the alignment of your pelvis to make sure your lower back is neither hollow nor flat but in a smooth, long curve. breath deeply and evenly through your nose. after 6 to12 breaths, exhale and bend forward, straighten your legs, grab hold of opposite elbows and swing your upper body from side to side for a couple of breaths.

read more 




girl and boy scouts, maybe you remember the "we wood" call for entries a year ago. finally it's getting on, scout promise.

never stop wondering.
never stop wandering.




for quite some time I want to try split boarding and finally it's happening! join the o'neill nebelhorn classics freeride festival for freeride coachings, many great workshops and contests.

this one's for all backcountry fans that are interested in a responsible-minded interaction with nature and adventure and who love drawing lines into untouched snow.

february 20th – 23th
nebelhorn, oberstdorf 

due to bad snow conditions in the back country the event was cancelled yesterday.


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