we do what we love and we do it together. 

we howl, we laugh and we boost energy and confidence. on top of that the women's longboard camp integrated two additional sports and placed more emphasis on nutrition this year – means we had an enourmos range of motion with longboarding, skating, cross fit, parkour and yoga and filled our bellies with the most fantastic vegan paleo food one can imagine.

where there are girls, longboards and healthy food there are shiny eyes and memorable times are going to happen. after Slovenija and France girls and women from all over the world gathered for the second time in Stuttgart. within five days loads of new friendships were built and it was beautiful to see how encouraging everybody was. whether it was a hint for kick turns, thank you Viv, you awesome! or a little "you can do it!" love tap before going downhill. it's this kind of energy that keeps the camp going and that makes it special. thank you so much everybody!

this year was also about skating transitions and what luck that our Christine is one of the best female skaters that I've ever seen. she familiarized the girls with bowls and mini ramps and reached out to the excited skate newbies.

this is an almost impossible shot. I actually captured Marianna either smiling or laughing. but what's even more impressing is the way this young girl from Switzerland skates the bowl.

Luisa, our little chap, longboard dancing instructor, first aid kid and djane sharing her peter pan with others.

so much love and stoke at the longboard dancing workshop.

Fee and Christine, the pretty and smart heads of women's longboard camp, going downhill.

 an outtake of Luisa's first aid workshop.

Dani Schukalla flying up and down and up ... watching Schuki is like a moving meditation.

sweater weather with ma sweater sisters Suzie Quattro and Viv. miss y'all!

and kiss kiss to EQ love. thank you so much for your support.

at this point it's time for more thank yous going to: flatspot stuttgart for a home away from home, concrete skateshop cologne, EQ love, orangatang wheels, root longboards, madrid skateboards, frontline skateshop, holesome longboards and wulle

and to alex, es lebe der sport!

for more photos and information about the camp head to the wlc fb page.

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Linda Maria 28. Oktober 2015 um 07:51  

This is so inspiring! I am a women who designs custom longboards and this is just too cool! I am always looking for other women who skate, and I think I hit the jack-pot, thanks for sharing!
Leslie Barrios

Skateboarding center 24. März 2016 um 01:02  

Great girls. I believe that we totally can ride longboard as a man.

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