salty sister love! today I am super happy to introduce an outshining blog in the rare all-girls travel and surf scene in the german speaking world – the ingredient to happy life: salt in my hair. it's a beautiful blog taking you off the beaten track run by individualists, explorers and mermaids called Marie, Kamila, Hana and Tina.

hej girls, how's 2015 so far?
Marie: pretty good actually! I have been surfing in Morocco already, Tina enjoys her yoga and surf life in Central America and Hanna lives in the city of romance: Rome. only our lovely Kamila has to trim back her travel plans a bit, as she started a job this year. but she is planning little escapes to overcome her travel nostalgia. 

sounds great! please tell us about your evocative website "salt in my hair".
Marie: Kamila and I have founded salt in my hair. we actually got to know each other when we were 15.400km apart from each other. Kamila was doing a study abroad semester in Bandung, Indonesia and I was studying in Pforzheim (a small city in Germany). We only met a couple of times at university and were connected on facebook. when Kamila tried surfing the first time, she fell in love with the ocean and when she saw all my surfing pictures on facebook, she knew that I was carrying the same love with me. and that’s how we connected. we started writing and were both raving about our deep love to the ocean. we both knew immediately that we would become great friends. after she returned to Germany we came up with the idea to built up a platform about surfing, about unconventional travels, about local brands and about the lifestyle that comes along with it. Hanna and Tina joined us after the launch and we are so grateful to have them in our team. I met Hanna during a shared car ride from Berlin to Hamburg and our yoga chic, Tina, is a good friend of Hanna. Without our blog I would have probably not met the other girls, who are all great friends now.

your blog is all about the journey. what's your prefered style of traveling?
Kamila: spontaneous drifting, discovering new places and experiencing local culture and lifestyle without being tied to time and place commitments. I love to stay at places as long as I like.

do you ever travel altogether? 
Marie: unfortunately not yet! but I have been traveling with Kamila in Indonesia and have been on a snowboard trip to Laax with Hanna already. I also visited Tina in Sylt, where we actually had a pretty good surf and yoga session. but I hope one day we’ll do a wonderful surf-roadtrip with all the girls. that would be a dream.

would you have tips for landlocked girls who wanna live their travel & surfing dream but don't know how to realize it yet?
Hanna: there are many things that can hinder your travel plans, sometimes it’s the money, time or other kinds of obligations. but on the other hand there are many opportunities to realize your travel dreams. I always try to combine traveling with other “compulsory” activities, like studying or internships, like a few years ago when I wrote my bachelor thesis in the Dominican Republic. also, I make traveling one of my top priorities... so even though a reasonable person might say that at a certain point you have to focus on other things I just go traveling and try to arrange all the rest around it. it is possible.

there's a nice article about "meerweh" on your blog. would you know about any remedy for wanderlust?
Tina: inhale deep – exhale deep, close your eyes and just enjoy the feeling of wanderlust, because it is also a positive feeling and your next trip is waiting, so don´t  feel sad and just look forward to your next adventure. I’m  sure there will be one… or even try a hot yoga class during winter time ;) could be a great relaxing and challenging remedy for wanderlust as well!

what does traveling and surfing mean to you and what has it changed in your lifes?
Kamila: traveling is… full fascination, inspiration, happiness and mindpeace. the greatest emotions come up when entering the ocean with my board. catching a wave and merging with water as an earth element. small moments and big adventures, seeing new places and meeting new people from all over the world – I do not want to miss this anymore. it makes me incredible strong and happy.

what do you believe in?
Marie: I think the most important thing is that you believe in yourself.
Kamila: the journey is the reward: every small life step and trip, every small impression is a part of something big.

and what makes you smile?
Tina: surfing a wave on a lazy longboard!
Hanna: the sun, the sea and of course chocolate!

please show us a picture that takes you back to one of your favourite destinations so far.

Medewi, Bali

Marie: most magical surf place I have been so far. you’ll find palm trees and perfect, long lefthanders there and a lot of super friendly locals, who love to share their waves, have fresh fish BBQ together and show you around.

and a little either or game at the end:
salt or pepper? salt, sea salt!
longboard or short board? longboard
writing or taking pictures? taking pictures

to read more stories about vibrating places follow salt in my hair on facebook. these days live from Morocco and Rome!

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raj Games 27. Oktober 2018 um 22:43  

I really loved reading your blog. I also found your posts very interesting. In fact after reading, I had to go show it to my friend and he ejoyed it as well!

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