these jellies instantly want to make me move (and of course to eat them)! when I think of moving I like to think of it in a natural way, means in a non-linear way. the human body is designed to move in all different directions like lenghtening and contracting, jumping, pushing and pulling, rolling and ... bouncing like a jelly.

people love to make rules and to categorize. we are often lost in each and every detail that we lose track of the whole. not for nothing there are many blog posts about how you can deepen each and every asana. for me as a yoga teacher this anatomic knowledge is indespensible but as practitioners we should never forget to ask ourselves why we want to deepen the pose. why is it important to bring ones face to the legs in pascimottanasana?

rules relating to movement are true when it comes to alignment first but for me no rule can bring me the sweet feeling that awareness can. I like to move, to connect and to create.

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