La Méricaine is the story of a french girl living the american dream. as a big fan of clothes that don't look like clothes at a first glance the beautiful blankets and capes immediately rised my spirit of adventure. Valerie Hernandez created a true homage to the great outdoors and is bringing the adventurous life of the prairies to the city streets and beyond. the world needs more stories like this.

how is it for you to run your own company after having worked as a designer in the sports fashion industry for many years?
it's a great feeling to work by oneself. I am responsible for my choices and decisions. I had the chance to work in large industries where I have learned a lot. today I can make use of the experience in my entrepreneurial life. I work with French suppliers I've known for a long time. it is very important for me to contribute to the French industry.

your collection is inspired by the native american tribes. what fascinates you about them?
I chose the Indian inspiration because I like these people for a very long time, because of their colours, their tradition and their blankets of course. they wear similar heavy wool coats for their entire lives: from birth to marriage until death. for them life is a journey with no end.

imagine yourself being wrapped up in a blanket next to a cozy fire place. where would it be and who would be with you?
I can imagine myself being wrapped in a blanket with my boyfriend watching a cool movie with a glass of red wine, it's a bit a cliché, haha!

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ngocanhng 25. Oktober 2017 um 05:41  

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