Ruby Warrington moves light-footed between fashion, culture and modern cosmic thinking in her technicolor dream world called The Numinous. it's a miraculous place for material girls that hold dear of the mystical world. this is where genious sweaters and the magic happen.

what's your zodiac sign and how much of its characteristics is true? 
I’m an aries, and typical of my sign in many ways. I’m very positive, straightforward and honest, and I like to do things my own way. but I’m also impatient and often have to discipline myself to see a project through to the end as I’m always getting excited about the next new idea.

what is the numinous in a few sentences? 
“numinous” is a magical word which literally means “that which is unknown and unknowable.” I’ve used it as the title for my online magazine, which covers everything mystical through a fashion forward lifestyle lens. So many people in the fashion and beauty industry are deeply mystical creatures, and it seemed crazy to me that until now there was no media platform where these two worlds could co-exist in appreciative harmony!

acro yoga superstar Chelsey Korus wearing The Numinous

your shirts are such a perfect symbol of the blend of the mystical and material world. how do you keep the balance between those two worlds? 
by not trying to be anything that I’m not, and at the same time honouring all parts of myself. while I’m fascinated by every aspect of what I call “now age” spirituality – be it astrology, sound healing or shamanism – I also love beautiful things, and actually embracing both the mystical and the material feels like balance to me. like I’m deeply appreciative of my yoga practise, but I was never going to be the kind of yogi who went off to meditate on an ashram for months at a time.

do you have any ritual to give yourself a treat?
a shaman recently told me I need to get a massage at least every two weeks, as I hold a lot of emotional tension in my body. this was music to my ears. I love nothing better than a deep tissue massage to relax me mentally and physically, and this used to be my treat – but now I look on it as a necessity. 

I just soaked up the articles about a weekly williamsburg spirit seance and full moon ceremonies on your website. where did you have your most numinous experience ever?  
it was actually in a kundalini yoga class. in the long meditation at the end of class I experienced a very profound psychic connection to my father, which came from nowhere as a vision in which I experienced his deep sadness about us not being in contact properly for a long time. I was in floods of tears afterwards, and contacted him to plan a short road trip together a couple of months later. It was the first time we’d spent time together “just us” for about 15 years, and was deeply healing for our relationship. Another time I had a very vivid dream about a beautiful ginger cat – just like the one I adopted a few weeks later, who I believe used the dream to “choose” me as it’s owner. to me, both these experiences were examples of The Numinous – the energy that connects every living being to one another across time and space – in action.

do you have a mantra for these days and would you like to share it? 
“there is no such thing as the wrong answer.”

Ruby is a british lifestyle writer living in NY. she writes for numerous magazines and papers such as Sunday Times Style in the UK and she has a regular wellness column on lululemon.

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