what a nice hanging out. just me, my hammock and the magazine that I just crowned to be the most beautiful and adventurous all girls boardsports magazine I know. golden ride got a relaunch and it suits it so well! past whales wearing hats, indie bikini brands, intense playground workouts and an awareness-raising story about our consumer behaviour this issue takes us straight to the ocean. with its step off the beaten track the magazine has grown and gained depth and I am super happy to be a part of it with my contribution about the "art of attention".

here's a little preview of the world of packed backpacks, cut-off shorts and fully scrawled over travel diaries.

Anita Fuchs, Nathalie Gandrille and Kristian Kimmel, this whohooo is for you: whohooo!

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Love Kpop 27. September 2017 um 09:16  

I was a girl, but clumsy things. I do not know how to cook, sew, above, ca. I have too insipid and tedious, but that's my personality. It's hard to change

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