changing your bikini or wetsuit never looked better. hi ocean loving girls bring bright and cuddly capes that make you feel good after a long and exciting surf. the first feelgoodcape arouse out of sister love between the two founders Linda and Franzi from Stuttgart. one christmas Linda, the designer of the brand, created a cape as a present for her sister Franzi who surfs a lot in cold europe. I guess this must be true love and is just a little part of their story that began on a surftrip in 2011.

Linda, what do you love about the ocean?
I love the vastness and the feeling of freedom. whenever I am at the ocean everything's alright. problems of everyday life and stress feel far away and I just enjoy being in the water and having fun.

please describe your perfect surf before you snuggle down in your feelgoodcape.
first I strike out with my girls to see which spot runs best. on some days it's even not about super perfect waves to call it the perfect surf. that's when I just enjoy hanging out with my friends in the line up. we whoop each other and that pushes ourselves even more. and I love sunset surfs.
after a long surf nothing feels better than cuddling in a feelgoodcape. there's no jittering while changing clothes and no flattering towel. you just slip your cape on, put on the hood and no wind will come in anymore. afterwards I often take the cape down to the beach and use it as a beach towel.

what do you believe in?
everything in life happens for a reason altough it sometimes might not feel easy in the beginning it's mostly the right thing for you in the end. "you never know, unless you go".

hi ocean loving girls is for you ocean loving girls. so go and visit their website to see more of their collection that ranges from clothing to accessories to sweet matching fins bags.

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