it is about four months ago that I travelled to Norway. it's not like that it hasn't been a mind-blowing journey than more the fact that warm and sunny days didn't feel to be the right time to reminisce about this vast and misty place. once vienna sinked in fog today I digged out my norway scans while I listened to volcano choir.

the first picture shows the one and only real travel reading on my way to Oslo – it's the summer issue of INDIE Magazine showing a spread designed by Annemarie Sauerbier. we miss you girl! I guess this was the last time that I've seen the sun for the whole next week.

after a day in Oslo we moved on to Telemark. on our way we've crossed canyons and we drove on mostly deserted roads through woods that made me feel having been arrived in the far north. after many miles we came across Gaustatoppen. from the valley the mountain looked like a snow-covered volcano and once we've been up it felt like the moon.

my mum after a long and rainy hike at Preikestolen. she climbed on mountains and went hard-to-reach places just because I wanted to. this is the moment when she beshrewed my love of adventure after our hike that took over several hours to see the Lysefjord from above. thank you for your patience and for making this trip coming true.

the last part of our journey took us to alpine regions and this was where I discovered the kind of houses norwegians spend their winter holidays at. the wooden houses form small villages next to the ski slopes and all the roofs are covered with grass. I haven't seen any bars or fancy snowboard shops like I am used to see when I am at ski resorts. this felt beautiful untouched, uncommercial and pure and cold.

the route in short 
OsloGrimstad, which was beautiful with its white and neat houses – StavangerBergen, which will stick in my memories as a great small city that we reached by different ferries – MyrkdalenBeitostølen – and many many fjords, fjells and fisks in between that arised in the lightest light and the longest days I've ever spent.

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