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as a child Lea Brassy was dreaming of freedom and adventurous journeys. and you know when you firmly believe in something it will come true one day. so Lea travels the world and plays around with the great outdoors today. she sails from France to Greenland, hikes above the arctic circle and names surfing as her main connection to nature. even in surfing the patagonia ambassador doesn't back off  from the cold. she loves the alive nature and the loneliness of it.

as a friend of light luggage and going off the beaten track I couldn't imagine someone more inspiring than this super natural and travel experienced young woman that embraces the simple things in life to ask about her personal travel tips. here is lea's list.

photo Tim Davis / Patagonia

be self sufficient
think about all the little things you might need in your journey and which are hard to find, and take a sample of each, to save precious time and eventually help others. ex: ding repair kit, medicines, first aid kit, organic cosmetics, all around repair kit...

respect the places 
if you're camping or traveling in a country with no water sanitation, bring ecological soap with you, washing powder or shampoo in order to make sure you don't pollute the places you visit (even if locals do).
respect the people
make sure you're aware of people's clothing and behavior customs to take with you appropriate outfits and state of mind.

travel light
pack your bag, look at it, it's got twice what you need, so pack it again with half of your gear (including boards). it's easier to move around and it feels good to be light!
minimum electronics 
I found out an iphone can be enough except if you take lots of photos but it's great to carry minimum electronics too. having a low profile with less expensive belongings makes the journey even richer.

be reachable
it does not mean to be in permanent contact with your community but get a local phone number in order to make organization easier with locals but also if your family needs to get hold of you, it's important.

bring on your culture
pack numerous light weight, long-life food samples from home. it's a great appreciated way to exchange with locals.

photo Tim Davis / Patagonia

thrilled by Lea's travel destinations I asked her to finish following sentences:

when I surfed the dark blue waters of iceland at midnight sun … the moment was more perfect that I dared to imagine. It will remain one of the few timeless time spaces of my journeys.

when I sailed on a polar yacht to greenland … seasickness hit me so bad I thought I'd loose it until I got used to the sea and started getting into its rhythm. It takes time to appreciate things sometimes, but it's usually the things you appreciate the most deeply.  

when I mountainereed above the arctic circle … I might have shed a tear when we reached the first submit. I had never shared love on a rope and I had never watch mountains on that angle. A all new world of adventures opened to me.

photo Laurent Masurel

Lea runs a wonderful blog called simple voyage. she and her boyfriend take you to the end of the world.

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