as part of the crew and attendant of last year's women's longboard camp I am very excited to tell you that the second edition is coming up this may in France. I wish for many familiar faces and I am looking forward to meet at least as many new ones. Fee Bücheler, busy bee and head of this amazing event has all the infos and candies for you. 

hej Fee, how did the idea for the first women's longboard camp come up?
I don't think there was a special day I woke up and thought "uhhh, let's do a camp for women". it was more something that Christine and I always were thinking about: "how can we motivate more women in longboarding?" the camp seemed to be the perfect answer. there are so many camps for snowboarding and surfing so why shouldn't this work for longboarding as well?

what can we expect from the camp?
it's not just that your level is growing. it's also a place for meeting other great women that are stoked by the same things as you are and it's the start of a lot of friendships. and for sure nobody will be hungry or thursty. you can expect definitely one of the best weeks with muscle soreness for whole 2013.

how were your impressions of last year's camp in slovenia?
uhhhh, I was fucking excited, really. if you've never organized something like that before you want to do it perfect. on the second day I was so stoked to see how fast everybody was learning, how all the women threw their nervous ticking bombs in their head away and started to skate like there is no tomorrow. I always think of the last day of the camp when mostly everybody was crying because it was over ... goosebumbs over and over. 
all of them worked on their skills and I met a lot of the ladies which joined our camp in the last months, they are all so stoked ... mission accomplished.
if you want to know more about last year maybe this report gives you the right feeling.

is there something you'd like to make differently in France?
Yeah, definitely. we have only two options for booking this time. there's a camp option including food and drinking and a camp option that is called „course marshalling option“. this one is cheaper but you have to do the course marshalling instead of freeriding in the afternoon.
we call this camp „back to basic“. there will be only camping (no hotel or hostel) directly on the track with a more relaxed ambience in the evening, a few beers and maybe fire if the weather allows it. I think this time will be more like we really handle skating in our lives.
in one of the weeks we (what means you and maria wolfsberger) will film a bit for an amazing review. and I really hope that there will be more time for the team, for getting more relaxed to be able to put more energy into every woman that joins us.

what can the participants look forward to in particular? 
that we did the first camp already, free drinks, an amazing brand new asphalt on the track, camping directly on the track, yummy food made by the adh-crew, some more crazy stuff we are still working on and some good sponsorships.

do you have any shout outs?
sure! thanks to the crew last year! especially Christine, the longboardmag crew slovenia and all the guys which had so much fun in doing the course marshalling for us. thanks to the crew this year, escpecially the adh-crew. 
to the sponsors last year: Fibretec Longboards, Orangatang Wheels, Sabre Trucks, Concretewave Shop, Longboardshop, Rollladen, LesEttes, Sixxa, Musikshop Barde, LassRollen
to the sponsors this year: Zibeline Beanies,  LushLongboards, Rollladen, Sixxa and hopefully much more in a few weeks...
and not to forget for every women which believed in us last year and took part in the first ever women's longboard camp worldwide! thank you skateboarding to give us so much energy! if you need a hero take skateboarding.

quick facts
12–17 May 2013 & 19–24 May 2013,
Urbeis/Climont, Alsace (France)
for more infos click here


if you'd like to know how it was for me last year it's this way to the bear.


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