my sailor heart beat faster end of last week. I steered due north to take a glimpse at frontlineshop's ss13 fashion show in Hamburg. 

first stop: my lovely bunk in the 25hours hotel.
this hotel is overwhelming in its details and hints of the ocean and the HafenCity.
I loved to walk its planks and I could downrightly smell the rough sea.  

second stop: villa mignon / fashion show
I spent the whole fashion show smiling. it was because of the models who charmingly presented a lot of denim looks combined with bag packs and awesome caps and sneakers with floral prints. and ya, I'm kind of into tattoos.

third stop: the after party
check out blogs like the random noise or this is jane wayne for pictures of the cool kids. but hej, come back!

thanks to the ankers, the roped ladder and the scuttle my room comfortably pitched and tossed at the end of the night ... or probably I should blame the gin.
so eine seefahrt, die ist lustig.

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