EVE clothing is the grown up fashion baby of Eva Scheyer. what has begun with a self-made oversized hoodie for her little sister three years before bloomed to a wide collection of beanies, headbands, t-shirts and  jewellery. partly colourful and playful and partly straight and cool EVE talks to open-minded hippies that are in love with boardsports and life. the skilled designer from the Allgäu sets great value upon quality and sustainability. and somebody who cares about nature as much as Eva does obviously cares about his garden. Eva, the girl who cut her own logo into her lawn (awesome!), answered some questions below.

I am…  Eva, head of EVE clothing
I like to wear…  oversize and cozy woolen beanies 
I consider myself...  as an open-minded person who loves life and art 
it all started with… my little sister Victoria 
I am deeply in love with… the mountains, my australian wool boots,
coffee, kaiserschmarrn and going to the movies 
I would never... wear a dirndl 
my favorite piece is... a big white knitted cardigan 
the most important thing is… being honest

EVE clothing welcomes to celebrate autumn and smile at your sister parties with you. become a homie on facebook and finish following sentence: I am deeply in love with ... and a fancy headband might be yours soon. (the entry deadline is december 1st) whoop!

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Love Kpop 8. November 2017 um 04:27  

I know there will be many difficulties and challenges but I am determined to do it. If it does not succeed then it will be a lesson for me as well

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