for the next few days smile at your sister turns into an official travel blog. we are on our way to the north sea where stories about lighthouses and the wadden sea are waiting for us. we'll keep an eye out on locals, who are of golden honesty and are known for their lack of suborder, to tell us more about the myths of the island.

be prepared to follow us riding bikes along a beautiful sea side, watch us flying kites and go fishing. this full packed programme is made possible by reiseland deutschland. they made sure we'll spend adventurous days in sylt with its charming places like hörnum, rantum and westerland.

we'll be in good company. we stay at the billabong kids surf camp and we are looking forward to spend time within sparkling children's eyes. oh, and there will be one of kitzi's rare concerts!

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maybe you like 20. Juli 2012 um 11:50  

Oh wie toll! Ganz viel Spaß Euch!!!!

smile at your sister 22. Juli 2012 um 22:00  

danke sophia! bilder und berichte folgen bald :)

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