hailing from a family of czech fishermen and a fisher girl, who's my mum, i couldn't wait to set my feet in the boat to cast the fishing rod into the wadden sea. on our first day we went to hörnum, the most northerly point on sylt, to meet christian heitling. christian, a well-traveled guy and owner of the excellent restaurant meermann, prepared a small fisher boat with fresh picked fruits from his garden. he introduced us the technique of fishing mackarels and drove us out to northern sea.

our captain! he had confidence in us to choose the right place to stop over and try to catch a fish or better to catch loads of fish. if we were lucky we could have had fished 250 mackarels. yes, if. 
mackarels live near the ground level of the sea and they are probably not the most intelligent of their breed as they bite bait that is no real feed. so we pulled our rods with fake bait smoothly in and out and in and out to attract our next meal's attention and suddenly ...

... believe it or not, this little black something in the middle of this picture is a seal. we've read there are seals on sylt but however it was unbelievable to experience this animal in the wild. 
our captain told us about an old man who had a special connection to a seal called willy.willy loved to visit solid ground, and this aforesaid man was the only one who was able to stroke it.

for a second we felt like heros. we rescued a little girl's balloon that was supposed to be carried away by the wind to the open sea.

at the latest this would be the moment to show you the big mackarels we catched. to be honest we came back empty-handed. one way or another no fish could ever beat this windy adventure.
and instead of grilling our own fish we ate a whole fish plate afterwards and warmed up at a delicous cup of peppermint tea in that homely and honestly place called meermann. thank you!

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Jeanne 28. Juli 2012 um 16:41  

Read you makes me joyfull. again. Thanks girls for sharing your adventures.

smile at your sister 29. Juli 2012 um 17:35  

dear jeanne, that make us joyful. i just visited your blog bold minded and i saw that we like the same things. thanks for getting in touch and having a blog that inspire us.

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