for now it's enough of endless dunes and beautiful scenery images. the time of the kids has come! for the seventh time about thirty children between eight and fourteen years came together in sylt / rantum. while some of the kids chased the first wave in their lives they'll probably never forget, the groms – the more advanced girls and boys – were here to improve their surfing skills. you can call them the next generation in surfing and you should definitely watch out for this small talented people in the line up next time.

besides many kids who came a long way to the northern sea and surfed for the first time there were billabong teamriders malte mappes, tim schubert, marc thomsen, niggi brüggen, markus mager and rachel scheele as guests in the camp.

but it was not just all about surfing on this weekend. it was about getting a general body conciousness and confidence, having a good time with each other and to learn from each other. on the first afternoon there was a football match as well and the kids had time to get creative by designing their own boardshorts. life's better in board shorts, you know.

on saturday the conditions were quite rough. the more than dedicated instructors of surf club sylt used the first day of the camp to share their knowledge about dunes and waves and practised first aid in a workshop.

after a stormy layday there has broken sunday, as perfect as it could be for first steps in the water. after an intensive warm up and some dry runs on the beach the kids grabbed their boards and faced up to the sea. the instructors helped with words and deeds and cheered on the kids with a loud hooray for every try to chase a wave.

we've heared a lot of hoorays! and yeahs! the kids made it. they catched on wave after another and even if they missed the point to stand up they were shining and left the water with a smile in their face.


if we would have children or nephews or nieces or a little brother or sister we would like them to experience something like the billabong kids surf camp. so go and tell all the little wild childs around you about this great thing.

go surfing is a gift. not all children have the possibility to do it light hearted and as a matter of course. at this point we would like to highlight mizu sports. florian gränert, founder of mizu sports and part of the instructors team, amongst other things offers therapeutic surfing for cancer-suffering kids.
in this connection we also spread the word about the stand up 4 kids charity event. it's a stand up paddle event that collects donations for therapeutic surfing. it will take place on the 26th august in hörnum / sylt.

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