last friday we celebrated the release of the second edition of secret smile. it was an evening of all the amazing girls we met in the last year on our way. 

jovana reisinger, who made a zine and a little surprise for secret smile, read an abstract of her novel and took us on an intensive journey of a young women freeing herself from the past and tempting fate.
matching the dusky mood kitzi and chrisi carried on with that lyrical feeling and casted a spell over the audience by playing a beautiful acoustic concert. their haunting melodies found their way to secret smile as well.

jovana reisinger


the one and only mastermind behind sixxa, kathi. the one who made this evening possible. thank you for having us as your guests in your wonderland. the adhoc pad in vienna is the most stunning location we could have wished for.

and here they are. our goodie bags filled with wonders.

the wonderful exhibition by the even more wonderful element eden advocate crista leonard.

one more of our lovely contributors, julia pott, showing her animation film belly.

the kids are alright.

thank you to all the wonder girls who contributed and joined us this night! and not to forget our marvellous supporters sixxa, element eden and nixon.

secret smile is available at sixxa store vienna and in a few days via our webshop. we'll keep you updated.

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