talking to celia miller

due to heavy snowfall the semifinals of the girls were put off one day. in this way celia miller found enough time to chat with us laid-back about her idols, her own shop and her plans for this season before she went for the next treerun.

hi celia, where did you grew up?
I kind of grew up all over the east coast. I was born in maryland and i did high school in connecticut. five years ago I moved to breckenridge, colorado.

where there any girls you looked up to?
I love mary-france roy and annie boulanger. they are the backcountry girls that always inspired me.

we suppose you are more into back country riding than to park riding.
in the past I have been doing a lot of filming and shooting. this year I'm gonna do a lot more contests. and this is kind of to see wheter I wanna make an attempt to the olympics. I would really like to do it and take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

did you had any dangerous situations in the backcountry?
nothing too dangerous. we always start with the crew and we are very careful. we bring our gear and try to test things before as much as we can. I've been lucky I have not been in the avalanches yet. let's knock on wood, hopefully it doesn't happen.

you are in the o'neill team for more than a year now. how is it?
I love it. I'm so glad to be part of o'neill. it's such kind of a family feel. we travel around a lot and they opened a lot of opportunities for me. I've seen a lot of places and I can do a lot of cool things through them.

you also represent the new phillips / o'neill headphones. what kind of music do you like to listen to when you snowboard?
let's see, I love to listen to edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros. they are awesome. but i also have a mix of r'n'b and rap and i got some rock'n'roll. i just like music in general.

we enjoyed watching your part in peep show's "let's make better mistakes tomorrow". please tell us a bit more about that video.
I love the girls of peep show. I've been filming with them the past couple of years. I shared a part with my friend silvia and got some backcountry shots in it. I think they did a real good job. it's a good portrait of women snowboarding. the stuff that's going on in the movie is progressive and exciting to watch.

would you say there are any differences between european and american snowboarding?
I have not seen any major differences. we all travel together. it feels like we are all a lot of in the same places. we are not as separated as people think.

is it important for you to have girls around you when you snowboard or do you enjoy it more to hang out with your boys?
I like the combination. I think definitely riding with men, especially in the back country, was so important for me. I've learnt everything from then. but then there is nothing like riding with girls since they are more equal. i go in the back country with guys and they wanna build huge jumps which are a little intimidating but it really pushes me. when i can go out with a girl we can build something that we feel comfortable with and we can try our tricks on. I would say both are good.

we heard you run your own store. how came that?
yes, I opened my own business last year in june. I just have really small boutique brands. it's completely seperated from snowboarding. I don't carry any snowboard or skateboard companies. it's my life outside of snowboarding. snowboarding doesn't last forever. I wanted to start something that I can carry on with me regardless of what I'm doing with my snowboard career. I am the store owner and I have five or six people working for me which allows me to travel and not be there. that's amazing.

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