we just love winter. we love to stamp through knee-deep snow and watch snow flakes dancing wild in the wind. we enjoy to make snowball fights and drink glühwein with our friends. but what we dearly love and can't be without is snowboarding. 

davos turned out as the fulfilled winter dream last week. it snowed like crazy four days long. amidst the thick snow flurry we watched the best boys and girls in freestyle snowboarding at the first major event on the 2012 ttr world snowboard tour.

tons of snow proved to get one man's meat and another man's poison at o'neill evolution 2012. as snowboard addicted crowds were stoked by masses of powder at the jakobshorn the shapers got all hands full to prepare the big air for the finals in time.

in the end the semifinals of the girls were postponed one day. therefore they were blessed with the best riding conditions all week and impressed with striking air time.

anna gasser (aut)

isabel derungs (sui)

sina candrian (sui)

spencer o'brien (can)

enni rukajärvi (fin)

1 spencer o’brien (can)
2 sina candrian (sui)
3 anna gasser (aut)
4 klaudia melova (svk)
5 cheryl maas (ned)
6 cilka sadar (slo)j
7 jordie karlinski (usa)
8 isabel derungs (sui)

here you can watch the highlights of the finals men and women.
a mega thank you to anita fuchs for the photos of the riders.

watch out for interviews with celia miller and virginie faivre in the next days.

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