you might remember the ambassadors of nike's club der töchter from past posts. they talked about the magic of running and provided insights into their dreams and favourite running routes in vienna.
nike got a big surprise for them these days. the girls found themselve in a posh 5* hotel to proof their creativity and styling skills. encouraged by the chance of winning a professional photo shoot and spoiled with dinner and champagne they mixed styles, took pictures of it and experienced an unforgetable night.

please find all pictures and videos of the fashion challenge on the club der töchter fanpage. here it´s up to you to support your favourite team by "like" its picture or video until monday 6 pm. at the moment it seems to be an exciting neck-and-neck race and feel like a fun warm-up session for the next töchter foot race.

we could not pass up to show you our favourite teams.
nike fashion challenge team "fanny"
 team "judith"
team "johanna"

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