vienna's daughters run! they brave the weather in all its forms and bring some movement in our streets. supplier nike brought "club der töchter" into being, where girls can follow their passion. some of its members (lisa, nastasja and julia), who participated in the first "töchterlauf" last week, gave us an insight into the magic of running.

tell us three reasons why girls should run.
communication, health and cost factor! instead of going for a coffee, just slip in your runners. it's the perfect occasion to chat with a friend and to have some fun. i see running as a good balance to stressful everyday life. it keeps you physically and mentally fit. i think it's better to invest in good equipment than in framework conditions ... you can run anytime and everywhere.

when you're playing tag what part do you prefer, the catcher or the run away?
i'm definitely the catcher. i hope that i don't have to give a reason ;-) but my boyfriend thinks so too.

what music are you listening to while you're running?
when i'm alone, i sometimes run listening to disco classics from the sixties, seventies or eighties. but i like running without music best. so i can sense the nature around me.

what's your running route?
the fourteenth district's my favourite for running. on my way i mostly take empty little side streets, uphill and downhill. 

how far are you willing to run for your biggest dream? and what is your biggest dream?
one of my dreams is to live and work in NY city. i'm not sure if i could make it in running there, but i'll put as much as possible in motion, so that my dream will come true. on the other side, maybe i would miss my friends and family so much that i run straight away all the way back home to vienna.

please tell us one of your greatest experiences within the daughter's circle.
i would say that each of the get-togethers with my girls have been great experiences, whether in pouring rain at donaukanal or in bright sunshine in prater. it was very refreshing to be on the move with such highly motivated girls. we had so much fun together and the camera is our witness. our motto: only the strong're getting through! cutting across sludge puddles, against stormy wind ... it would have blow us down if we had stopped. i'm glad that i participated and just can say ... run is fun, especially with my girls.

thank you girls! we already packed our runners and are motivated for next year!

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