fee is head of huegelherzblut and a she´s a so called mini board junkie. she developes and shapes longboards, run her own fashionlabel and she´s the one who could give you advice how to draw your perfect line downwards.

hi fee, the name „huegelherzblut“ reveals a lot about passion. what does it mean to you running your own longboard and fashion label?
"smile" wicked! it’s great to transact my ideas to a certain degree. my team and I grow especially in the longboard field. so just in that moment we have our boards exactly the way we want them to be.
to my disappointment I have to say that we let the fashion part slide over the last two years. in the beginning I created a lot with my friends. we played out ideas – a lot of printed stuff – but unfortunately not anymore because we’re short in time.

how’s life in freiburg? please tell us a bit about the people and the region.
“love” freiburg’s home. a place where I want to return again and again. the peeps are a mixture of students and freaks loving to be outdoors. and it’s probably more quiet than elsewhere. freiburg is more than green. it´s a longboard paradise!

there are many different kinds of styles in longboarding e.g. sliding, downhill or just cruising. what do you like the best and why?
there’s no either or. in my case it’s rather an emotional thing. sometimes I’m flashed by sliding, sometimes by carving. this year I rediscovered my passion for downhill and found my new passion “bobrunskating”.

bobrunskating sounds crazy and also a bit dangerous. what kind of injuries you carried away over time?
a stucked nerve kind of knocked me out. that was the most severe story, but without it there would be no “huegelherzblut” today. in times of injuries I have time to develop my projects. then there was a bursitis which was also kind of tough and right at the moment I have a broken shoulder blade. it’s a good rate I would say.

we discovered your longboards at sixxa for the first time. can you tell us about the cooperation with sixxa?
it all started with my shop. I have sixxa´s collection in my shop for almost two years now and it is inevitable that you meet and swap ideas.
I’m just flashed of girls who “do”. sixxa outlines so much. the girls are pushing things and other women forwards. so it was clear as daylight that such a cooperation must take place.

this summer you ran girls workshops. was it a one-off thing or can you imagine to do it again ... hmm, let’s say further east?
yeahh, the first girls only workshop that year took place in england. it really moved me. i have a teamrider there who claimed that there were no girls to ride with in the uk. as I got there there have been 13 girls! the second workshop was more spontaneous. it took place on an old downhill worldchampion line and it has been a long time since i had a session with so many girls.
I always wonder how fast people are able to learn when they get a little motivation and introduction. sure there will be more girls only workshops. we are just working on a few ideas and I will try to spread my workshops fair over all directions.

something you say too often?
something you can’t get enough of? 
something you would never hand back again? 
my boards of course! 

do you have a tip for all the girls who are thinking about buying a longboard?
test it before. a board is an individual piece of sports equipment. your personal feeling counts for at least 90%.

fee, thank you so much and get well soon!

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