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one can find the most beautiful shapes, scents and tastes in nature. all attempts to imitate them by a linear thinking are vain. it's because of the Li, it makes it simply impossible. in taoism li stands for the organic system of nature that does not follow any rules and brings unpredictable lines and forms to light.

that might be one of the reasons why many of us can't get enough of going on surf trips and why we enjoy outdoor yoga sessions and long runs, because everytime the surrounding changes we'll be within something magic that we've never experienced the same way before.

patagonia sees it as its obligation to protect our nature by using sustainable materials like organic cotton, recycled polyester or hemp. and that's why I appreciate the brand so much. and besides their dedication for a better world their surf and yoga wear is amazing!

wherever you go, go with all your heart.

if you are getting a longing for the great outdoors while looking at the adventurous outtakes of Patagonia's spring lookbook but nature is far away at the moment see it as a sign to jump on your yoga mat and listen to my YOGA playlist that I've created for feeling the earth beneath the feet and the fire within us. 

photos by ben moon, adam clark, jeff johnson and steven gnam

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