at times when Vienna gets a little grumpy it has always been a good choice to jump on an airplane to follow the sun. coming back hardly ever felt so eased and trustful before. it might be because of the people I met and life plans that I got to know, that are at some point no plans at all. or maybe it was the fact that there was enough space to just be and the time that I had to question all the conditioning and ideas of a proper life that were even not mine.

but let's do some fun travel talk! my trip started with a stopover in Zurich where I stayed overnight at the airport. whenever your connecting flight departs the following day go and check sleeping in airports to find a cozy place for yourself. from Zurich it has been just four more hours to reach the Canary Island that promises 300 days of sunshine and consistent swell all year long. 

once I arrived in Fuerteventura I went up to the north of the island to Corralejo, the hometown of my home away from home: Planet Surfcamps. I watched beautiful sceneries passing by that changed from bleak landscapes with rising volcanos to endless white dunes all along the way accompanied by the sparkling Atlantic Ocean.

so much love at Punta Blanca

Playa del Cotillo

golden hour at the North Shore

after a warm welcome at the newly built surf house I headed out to explore Corralejo. omg, it's a longboarder's paradise! those streets down to the beach scream for miles of smiles while cruising. just consider to duck down to get your face out of the way of friendly waving palm leaves.
besides being a cool place for longboarding and going out at night Corralejo is a great homebase to check different surf spots with various beach and reef breaks around within a short time. Fuerteventura serves spots for all levels and you can be sure to be in good hands once you jump into the van that brings you preferably to Rocky Point, El Cotillo, to one of the spots at the North Shore or if you are lucky enough possibly even to the french bakery in Lajares on the way back. do yourself a favour and get a brownie in this hippie village, it's so good.

if you are into skating flat or dancing on your longboard you should check this parking area at the roundabout on the top of the mainstreet that leads down to the center. you gonna have fun.

things that are pretty much fun as well
playing ping-pong, jumping into the pool, cooking together with your roomies or having bbq at the surf house, challenging yourself on the indo board, doing yoga, playing Marco's drinking game, squeezing in a layday at flag beach, wandering through dunes, hiking up a volcano, taking a boat to Los Lobos or just enjoy doing sweet nothing at the roof terrace at night.

 and do remember this tower. it will lead you home in tipsy nights. 

some final personal questions to Fuerteventura
what are your favourite colours? brown, beige and turquoise.
do you have a favourite stone? volcanic rock! 
what do you crave for? playing with waves, watching the clouds passing by
and I like to party.

what's your favourite food?
paella, fish and papas arrugadas.
and what about your favourite animal? I love goats.

the pureness of the landscape gave me so much space and clarity that I can't imagine to not come back someday soon. in the end the moments that I remember the most are the ones about people, laughs and smiles.

thanks for having me

for harder facts please visit planetsurfcamps.com

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