this is Sophia. a girl that loves & lives for traveling. some of you who grew up near the mountains as well maybe know this feeling that let you intuitively identify your equals. be it through their shining eyes or their huge love of adventure. I've been pretty amazed once I stumbled upon Sophia's blog maybe you like because I knew that she is one of them right away.

besides presenting friday awesomeness picks and looking unbelievable sweet! on her outfit posts Sophia shares stories that happen close by the arctic circle. she's Iceland bound and fortunately she takes us with her every time when she heads to the island by taking many many pictures.

Sophia riffled through her photographies from Iceland to show us ...

… a place that felt energetic

… a place that paused you

… something you never can get enough of in Iceland

… a place you would like to stay forever or you would like to come back over and over again

… a moment that felt like a dream

… something funny that happened on your last journey

… something you would like to share with us

don't miss to follow Sophia on instagram if you'd like to see more of her freezing adventures and if you eventually want to know if  I prefer either cheese or bacon check this out on maybe you like.

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