this saturday was full of good energy and miles of smiles. the longboard girls crew austria and me called for a feel-good-day in the beautiful surroundings of the donauinsel including yoga, longboarding and healthy food.

alongside a pond with ducks and surrounded by huge trees that provided cooling shadow we've started with our vinyasa flow inspired yoga session. we strenghtened, stretched and balanced ourselves in view of the upcoming longboard workshops. thanks to all of you girls for coming and giving rise to this special happening. this was the very best first yoga lesson I could imagine.

after moving our bodies we filled our bellies with food by naturkost st. josef, a great place to eat and buy organic food in vienna's 7th district. due to sophie and her organic food connection and nici's love for biking – in that case she's been the cute delivery girl – we enjoyed braceing ourselves for cruising, sliding and dancing in good company.

another huge thank you goes to vitaminwater for providing us with refreshing drinks all day long. the fox and the racoon loved it as well.

during small breaks we got round flicking through golden ride magazine that served us with beautiful pictures and stories from all over the world.

and this is where the action happened. Sophie Friedel, known for her powerful slides and magical bubbling character, introduced them girls to speed and sliding techniques ... and they turned them to hot wheels.

Ness, the style kiddo.

Nicole Fleck, photographer and graphic designer by profession, outdoor sports lover and food enthusiast by nature helped with words and deeds at the beginner workshop. what a joy to see the girls making great progress with foot breaking and slalom riding within an afternoon.

~ yay to summer! yay to you girls! ~
here's a song I thought about using at yoga, but didn't: om shakti. 
enjoy summer.

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