dog days are over when we all went in black unisex wetsuits to water. high five to two spanish girls that join feminine shapes and colours that make girls feel ride pretty. I dare to say normcore is over. hola blondy wetsuits!

who is blondy wetsuits? 
we are two sea lovers in search of a wetsuit that make us feel comfortable, sexy and unique while we enjoy the ocean and make things we love.  

when designing a wetsuit what do you always have in mind?  
women. there's more women in the water and its women who have to design womens surfer clothes. we also get inspired in our trips, people and the world that surrounds us and palmtrees pictures. 

I love your playful and flowery shoot including Louie Louie flowerpieces. let us know more about this collaboration. 
we are really happy with the collaboration. it was as simple as picking up the phone, telling LouieLouie girls we loved their flowerpieces and asking them if they wanted to make something together. we met personally the day of the shooting and the pictures are the result of the good energy that was going on between the girls who were there that day and the desire and yearning to go through with our projects.  

bit by bit even many of the big brands switch to more feminine cuts and brighter colours for wetsuits. what do you think will be the next big thing? or rather how would you imagine your dream wetsuit if there would be no limitations productional? 
a friend of mine dreams with the idea of having wetsuits that you could put them on like spray. well, why not? when we are designing a new collection we have so many ideas and options we go crazy, there are so many things we wanna try and that havent been done yet. our objective is to dress up women in the water and make them feel beautiful with trendy designs.

what's the coldest place you found yourself surfing with a blondy wetsuit? 
the coldest place has been Hendaye, France. a february stormy day of this winter. while we were in the water it started hailing heavily. it was extremly cold for a girl from the south of Spain. 

what makes you smile?
it's easy to make us smile, but if I had to choose I would say dancing, catching a good wave, surfing new spots and when tomorrow isn't the same than today. 

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Houcin Ouidir 4. September 2014 um 11:33  

Nice design, attractive colors, a come back to the old school

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