winter is picking up pace slowly in Austria. not so in Nicaragua and at other exotic locations where surf with amigas runs its surf & yoga adventure retreats. give yourself a super natural treat between warm waves, volcano hikes and restorative yoga sessions and even get your gallop on. Holly Beck, a professional surfer, and her team will make your trip both challenging your body and inspiring your mind. and as traveling always comes along with acting in a responsible way towards nature and locals you can do your bit to a better world while your stay.

what is waiting for us at a surf with amigas surf & yoga retreat?
hot weather, warm water, new friends, and lots of adventures. we like to keep a loose schedule and plan activities around the best waves and the desires of the individual group. you will have plenty of solo time if you like, but most people find the group environment to be super supportive, healing, and hilariously tons of fun. it all starts with surfing, then eating awesome food, then a restorative yoga session, then an awesome afternoon activity – more surfing, or horseback riding on the beach, volcano hiking, volunteering with local kids, sunset cocktails with a gorgeous view. we film every session and go over the footage to help you improve your surfing.

is there something we need to bring?
the most important things to bring are a positive attitude and an adventurous spirit. of course, sunscreen, a bikini that stays on (so you won't have to worry about it while you're surfing), a pair of jeans for horseback riding, and sturdy shoes for volcano hiking are also important.

besides surfing and yoga we can also give back with surf with amigas. please tell us about waves of hope.
surf with amigas has partnered with the non-profit waves of hope at our northern nicaragua location. waves of hope is dedicated to improving the lives of community members primarily through education. we're really excited about the new high school that we've built which will open in february 2014. it's a great way to get to know the local community and feel like you've made a little difference in the world.

is there any more else that's coming up in 2014?
in 2014 we are adding costa rica to our list of destinations, something we're really excited about. we have a lot ladies who have been on 2, 3 and even 4 retreats with us so we are always looking for awesome new locations so that returning amigas can see somewhere new. we're hoping to add mexico to the list for 2015.

nicaragua is ... our home base. we stay at an eco-resort with amazing food, incredible people, and two good waves within walking distance that are really uncrowded. it's great for surfers of all levels and particularly ladies who have never surfed before. we love pushing ladies into their very first wave and helping them reach their goals in the water.

el salvador is … for hard-core surfers or ladies who want to become hard-core surfers. we surf surf surf, mostly at the right point right out front. if the swell is big we can drive around and explore a few secret spots that we've found over the years. it's a great place for taking your surfing to the next level in a supportive environment.

costa rica is ... our newest destination that we will kick off in april 2014. if you like long lefts, this is the spot! like el salvador, some prior surfing experience is required. we'll be surfing the world class wave of Pavones but also some less-crowded secret spots within walking distance of where we'll stay. plenty of jungle hikes will go down!

phillipines are ...
intensely beautiful. it's a bit of a mission to get there (at least from the US) but well worth it. crystal clear water, rainbow fish covered reef, and really fun waves. this retreat is best for advanced beginner and intermediate surfers since we'll be surfing over reef, but every session will be by boat and an adventure in itself. we'll check out waterfalls, go snorkeling, and even ride water buffalos!

if you are keen on a dry run and a bit of mental training make sure you don't miss Holly's great how to videos. they are not just informative but fun as hell as well.

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