being back in Vienna I am missing the good girls sessions we had. the good thing is: after the trip is before the trip and that's why I start a small surf & yoga series presenting some of the brightest surf & yoga retreats between the pacific and the indian ocean. and don't worry if you are considering to go alone. going to a camp on my own some years ago was the best thing I could do. since then we chase together places.

known as shameless followers of the sun surf sistas are offering surf & yoga retreats at the most playful destinations you can imagine. swap this crazy winter weather for endless sunshine and cheeky waves instead and let the good times roll among like-minded girls.

what is waiting for us at a surf sistas' surf & yoga retreats?
a very warm welcome; real progress with your surfing – whether you are learning for the first time or building on existing skills; time to recharge & connect with the ocean and yourself; amazing memories made with new friends; and just a really fun experience with lots of laughter! we have lots of trips to choose from; surf & yoga retreats, island hopping surfaris, surf road trips, cycle surfaris, weekends and courses. All of our trips include full daily surf coaching with our experienced instructors, we have lots of regulars who have surfed all over the world with us and we are stoked to become part of your surf journey.  

is there something we need to bring?
swimwear, comfy clothing for yoga, beach towel, sun block, and a smile ... if you are joining us in Portugal, France, Morocco or the UK you will need a wetsuit but we can provide one if you don't have your own.

what's coming up in 2014?
we're really excited about 2014, first up we have our surf road trips and surf & yoga retreats in Costa Rica, then we are headed to Bali for our island surf & yoga surfari. 
we are shameless followers of summer so as soon as it shows its face in Europe we will be back in the UK with a full schedule of surf weekends, retreats and courses in Cornwall and Wales. we also have surf & yoga retreats in France and Portugal from September through to november, the perfect escape from the onset of colder autumn days in Northern Europe. plus a cheeky return to Bali in October for another island surfari.

we have a new online surf sistas boutique and we have some new products up our sleeves for that which we hope everyone will love. plus new for summer 2014 we will be running SUP sista days and weekends on the South Coast in the UK.

Bali is ... turquoise seas, perfect waves, white sand beaches & coral hearts, temples, offerings, chatting in the shade of the warung, being in the right place on the right tide, stories about sharks that turn out to be rocks or dugongs, boat rides, snorkel trips, bintang o'clock, nasi goreng. 

Cornwall is…  home sweet home! white to green week, road trips, friendly beach breaks, cool coffee shops, post surf cornish pasties.

Wales is... Gwen's home, hiking over the dunes, blue skies, getting lost along country lanes, the best accent, pubs, long beach walks, camping, singing songs! 

Costa Rica is... hammock time! waking to howler monkeys, surfing glassy perfection at dawn, avocados, more hammock time, scorchio days, reggae nights, turtles, and 'going to sunset'. 

France is... sand dunes, barrels and baguettes, messing about by the pool, SUPing on the lake, the glamour of Biarritz, the cool of Hossegor, the best ice-cream, and cycling in the pine forests.

Portugal is...
Sangria!  oh and lush uncrowded breaks (we don't go peak season!), fresh air, fresh fish, gorgeous white washed villas, tranquil Yoga sessions, the tinkle of cowbells.

if you like surf sista's pictures as much as I do don't miss to visit kate czucszman's page.

oh, and surf sistas are running a fabulous contest on instagram for anyone sending them a #surfsistagram. check out all the details and prizes here.

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