Bali, the island of the gods. Bali, the place everybody learns to surf.
Bali, the ballermann of the ozzies.

I didn't know what to expect. I just knew that I had two missions. the first mission was to improve my surfing and way more important to just have a good time together with the girls in the water. that last part took care for itself. especially when you imagine one of them having a great predeliction for little mermaid songs. she loves to sing in the line up.

my second mission was to get to know the yoga side of the island.

so I packed my bags, varnished my nails with an empowering ornamental painting and my tattoo close to my heart got warm. barefoot, during late moped rides and on baby waves I finally got to know my own truth of Bali and I took it with me to share some pieces with you.

one early morning I passed this friendly lady. she made a ceremony at the beach in Balian. the small green dishes made out of palm leaves are offerings to the gods, demons or the ancestors. believe it or not ... it's magic.

you can watch ceremonies nearly everywhere. like here at the beach in Pasut.

on my way to the yogabarn in Ubud I came along a splendid temple.

aaah, a ceremony. even cars get a ceremony. I love that. in this way the car gets a soul and will protect you from bad accidents. it's magic... it just doesn't always work.

watch out for this little girl if you are in Balangan. she is cute!

this was on my last day when Bali belly and me went to Uluwatu. here's a crazy video of the entrance to this famous spot.

things I've learned
either you catch the wave or the wave catches you
it's always better to talk shit in the water than outside of the water
I need to paddle like a man
and our all time favourite  
don't worry be sexy

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