it was end of last year when I've been to an art show at the adhoc pad that was run by wald und schwert, a project by frau isa and her fiancé oliver toman. since then I catch a whispering of the woods in form of one of frau isa's fairy paintings that carries her nostalgic characters and love of adventure in my place. read on and get to know more about the recurring themes of her light-hearted work.
when it comes to describing my work I often use the word "fairy-tale". it is the best way to describe my idea of using dark content in my paintings to let them live. I try to get the mood of fairy-tales into my work but not the story itself.

Vienna is the place to be for me. I love the air of the city, it is very inspiring. I'm living here since 2005 and it turned out to be the center of my life pretty fast. I love traveling but I'm always glad to be home again.

the woods
one thing I miss in Vienna is the possibility to run into the woods spontaneously and being outside without getting in the car or on the train first. I grew up literally in the woods, my parents bought a house next to a forest when I was born. as a kid it was simply amazing to be outside and play till the sun goes down. now me and my fiancé are trying to be in natural surroundings as often as we can. this helps to push the energy-level up up up.

since I was a kid I always wanted to live in another era, nearly in every age, but not in this very time. nowadays all is so fast and nothing is special anymore. but I guess past times are not that romantic as they seem. maybe that's the reason why I collect things from the past, be it clothes, teacups, jewelry or furniture. I built my own era including internet and iPhones and stuff.

my work is all about characters. I just can't imagine a world without mine. I invented them when I started doing graffiti as a teenager and since then they grew up with me. they became more detailed, cause I learned how to paint better, they were getting more serious, cause I got older and not that childish anymore (at least not all the time) and so they are evolving with me. and my idea of painting, it changes all the time, but slowly and smooth.

frau isa is a vienna based artist and illustrator who makes amongst many other things the most beautiful wedding cards.

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schnick schnack 15. April 2013 um 18:32  

very pretty wedding cards and co. inspires me to illustrate again, thank you :)

smile at your sister 17. April 2013 um 23:57  

nice! I guess it will be a maybe costa rica or sweden inspired being on wheels that comes in peace.

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