Margaux Arramon-Tucoo draws her fine lines in the water just as skilful as on paper. the curly headed french surfer and artist leaves her traces in many different parts of the world where she uses to call more than just one place home. her love of nature and her creative upbringing make her a fleet-footed  and grand girl that strikes with grace and endowment.

where are you and what are you up to these days?
at the moment I am in France with my family. in a few days I am gonna fly to Morocco to surf and to visit my second home. I'm pretty busy traveling this year, it is exciting.

your heart beats for surfing as well as for art. what is it that you got into both equally?
they balance my mind. they keep me happy and busy and they both go hand in hand so well.

your drawings feel very pure and direct with their subtle geometrical forms. would you say that you are reflecting this attributes as well?
I probably draw what I feel just at that moment or sometimes my drawings reflect something that I've felt in the past. either way they are definitely direct lines from my mind.

I've discovered a beautiful zine you've contributed to that was created by Lauren Hill and Dave Rastovich. would you like to tell us more about it?
I was staying with Lauren and David while I was in Australia two years ago. I did some art on the rocks at their farm over there. Lauren asked me if I would like to be part of their zine and of course I said yes. they are so pure and have a lot of good projects.

when you are surfing it seems that you are cherishing every little wave with your toes on the nose. do you always prefer longboards to shortboards?
I started with longboarding because I've always enjoyed smaller waves. last year I got into riding mid length and shorter boards that my shapers made for me. they have a pretty classic surf shape and I have a lot of fun with them.

do you remember the first time when you got a wave?
yes! it was down my house with my dad. I remember standing up on the first one and since then I wanted more and more for sure!

Margaux Arramon-Tucoo | RVCA from RVCA on Vimeo.

do you have any rituals before going to water?
I usually put on my wetsuit at home, I listen to some music and I stretch a little. I have to carry my board from the garden all the way through my house which is a little sketchy. and then I run down the hundred stairs of my home spot before I get into the water.

many people and brands collaborate with you. how do you feel about this attention and support?
I feel so grateful for what people have done for me and at the same time I am a little anxious sometimes about what's next. everything is always so quick. like when I get to know that I'm gonna go far away for a month two weeks before and that I have to produce art for this. you learn how to adapt yourself to a lot of different situations. and I think that's how I learn to collaborate with different people.

you spend a lot of time in california. what's the best thing that you take with you from being there?
my friends and my life that I have there and the waves that I get everytime!

which surfers and artists have influenced you the most?
Kassia Meador has influenced my surfing and took me under her wings very early. I got to do and to see a lot of things because of her.
and all the artist I've met until now and the ones I'll meet in the future. everyone who is happy and positive because he does what he loves and shares this with other people.

please finish following sentences
when I am surfing... I get in another world
when I am drawing... I love the solitary I find
when I am traveling... I meet incredible minds

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