the life of eva gernandt reminds of a story from bygone times. a time where she was sailing and building boats on wharfs and that was characterised by stories of old sailors telling her about the sea trade and great galleons. instead of writing another book about the roaring see eva gernandt, the woman behind by mutti, has slipped her story in fine hand made tableware.

what did the ocean teach you?
the ocean has taught me to abandon myself in its presence and just again be aware of the mystery.

would you like to share a story of an old sailor that was once told to you? 
the sailors came from places in Scania, southern Sweden that were once worldfamous. these small villages names were known in the big harbors all over the world. that had much to do with the sailors that came from from these places. they were trustful, hardworking, brave and fun. And they were heroes in the real sense.
I have always had a strong connection with the sea and life around it, and spent all my life close to it.
I fell in love with these old seafarers who I was so lucky to meet and share a village with during some of my happiest years.

imagine serving a fantastic dinner for a very special person. what would it be?
I would serve a codfilet, baked in oven in butter, together with a very fine potatoe. a sauce of hardboiled egg in melted butter and grated horseradish and lots of fresh dill all over it! wonderful!

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