there's a new outdoor mind among us. romina lemmert takes us to the highest peaks, into the deepest snow and to remote corners of the world. 

what's your website outdoormind about?
apart from being a digital native I have a passion for outdoor sports like climbing, mountainbiking, freeride skiing and hiking. with outdoormind I can combine my online marketing experience with outdoor sports. since may 2012 the website is online and my focus is on outdoor sports, products for women and travel (especially mountain spa resorts, camps for women etc.)

what's the motivation behind running it?
as I already mentioned my passion is being outdoors and being active. with outdoormind I can express myself and I want share my passion with my friends and users of outdoormind.

is there any message you want to spread?
well, my message is: go outside, enjoy and be free, but respect the nature and be smart.

do you have a favourite post so far?
this one here. I prefer to blog about personal adventures and experiences and I want to expand this subject in the future tense.

what does it mean to you to be outdoors?
this is the feeling of being fully alive.

imagine being completely free for at least one month. where would you go and what would you do?
if money was no object I want to experience the best outdoor adventures in B.C., Canada and Japan.

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