Sri Lanka plays me the post travel blues. the teardrop formed island in the Indian Ocean looks up after almost 30 years of civil war and the devastating tsunami that hit its coast. nonetheless I've never been to such a friendly place before. people look into your eyes and smile. just like that.

right at the beginning we celebrated kind of a hairy ceremony at the beach in Hikkaduwa. this was where we met Banti. once you know Banti and his disco tuk tuk you know where's the party at.

do you remember the mtv ad with the indian in the barber shop? this or something like that happened to us at the spice school. a guy fumbled around in my face, we got partly unhaired and I almost lost my Marylin Monroe birthmark. the ayurvedic medicine man should be forgiven. he just didn't know how awesome it is to have one.

we came along many cinnamon houses that led us to reality. people harvesting cinnamon by hand get 2000 rupees for one kg, what is about 12 euros, what is about hello fucked up world.

thanks to this young lady who run her own business we got super great custom-made boardshorts within one day. 

 things I did for the first time
surf a reef break, whoop!
get biten by over 40 sand fleas on one leg
meet a guy that travels the world on his bike since two years
visit a buddhist temple
look at a personal tsunami photo book of a wise man
 ride a tuk tuk
make siesta every day
tickle a turtle

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Ana Sting 11. Dezember 2012 um 21:49  


A girl from Barcelona living in Vienna wants to ask you: with which camera did you take these pictures? Must be a super wonderful trip <3!

Danke, danke!

smile at your sister 12. Dezember 2012 um 13:13  

hej ana, it was! I took the pictures with an old canon AE1. it's my favourite camera when it comes to traveling.


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