one morning I have found this postcard on my desk. it came its long way from new york and brightened up my oh so weary day. niky roehreke is a japanese / german mixed media illustrator who loves hands. and quite rightly many people love what her hands create. her bold and colourful illustrations can be found in many different magazines and most recently for the third season on selected items of insight's garage art collection.

whose hand would you like to shake one day? 
as many people as possible and if there is a nice gallery owner and Patti Smith amongst them I'd be very happy.

what would you say is typical german and what's typical japanese about you? 
I think japanese about me is that I'm am a workaholic, that I love and care about eating good food and that I sometimes worry too much about other people's opinion. german about me is that I'm a perfectionist, I am stubborn and don't care about other people's opinion and if I want to I have the ability to endlessly complain about something. so I am basically a workaholic perfectionist who cares but not cares about what other people think and endlessly complains while eating great japanese food. I sound like a horrible mix.

what's your favourite gallery in ny at the moment? 
I've just been to Moma's exhibition 'century of the child: growing by design, 1900-2000' and I loved it. It was so great to see the designs and the historical background of the toys and board games I used to love playing with and I realized that the idea behind a lot of these toys were quite simple.
on the way back home it made me sad when I saw all these children on the train playing with iphones and ipads... entertainment for people in general has become so much more complicated.

do you have a favourite quote? 
'the more you know who you are, and what you want, 
the less you let things upset you'
(Bob Harris / lost in translation)

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