some days ago I celebrated my birthday. I won't tell you which one, ha! i just say such a birthday needs to be celebrated at least as special as it is. so I traveled back in time to my childhood that consisted a lot of my dad and me watching tennis tournaments – always in favour for the czech guys. this heroization was followed by some sweet serendipity. there is a picture of martina navratilova, jana novotna, my dad and me that was taken in the ice stadion in zell am see. if my memory serves me right my dad asked them even to play ice hockey with me. so we did.

wearing a cap that was saying "tennistalent" on its front side I went through hard lessons with a tough and freckled tennis trainer. he always told me that I am a tennis player so why the hell i am moving like an ice figure skater over the court? I quitted. 

some years later a cute and mainly qualified swedish tennis trainer aroused my interest for tennis again. but neither jonas nor my original tennis racket from anna kournikova – of course my dad have organized that – kept me up playing tennis.

since then too many years elapsed what seemed to be a good reason to invite my friends to a birthday slam.

boys and girls, thank you for making my wish coming true and especially thanks for the (easy) game.

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