while an insane austrian flies up the edge of space and prepares himself for a freefall I am taking pictures of my favourite zines.

illusion of desillusion by Sergej Vutuc
I met Sergej at zine*fair some weeks ago and we made a great deal. we changed zines. he got "hello my name is gebhard. like the animal", the zine included in secret smile. and in change I took this zine with me. Sergej just illusioned desillusion! I think this is death cool, isn't it dudes?

sova magazine the golden issue
this post is long overdue. my golden issue came with some extra goodies and a pink totebag. you can never have enough of them. this goes for sova magazine as well. in the meantime you can already order issue no. 4.

monki magazine the you're an icon issue and material girl no. 19
here you'll get a little insight into my daily work. the current issue of monki magazine is dedicated to all heroic girls and women, so to you!

rookie yearbook one by tavi gevinson
reading rookie's yearbook let me travel back in time when I was a teenager that I've obviously never been comparing to this kids. this book is so impressing when i think of our yearbook we made in high school. it was just embarrasing. next story to read: "how to make a bitch face".

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