it was last year this time around when we met to watch first love at a friend's house.  the surf movie dvd came straight from manly, australia and helped me to delay winter a little bit. i always wanted to know who the girls behind this movie are and finally i get the chance to talk to cos we can, a team of content creators telling stories through words, stills and film.

hej girls, how are you? 
hey dani, we're good. we're trying to build our portfolio of film stuff, shoot more surf content, develop our ideas for tv series, movies and short films as well as make a living and fit in a few surfs a week… it's a little hectic but so much fun.

nice! your movies often deal with growing up, living your passion and your dreams. what are your personal stories and do you find them in some way in your movies? 
our personal stories definitely inform our films. we're always learning and growing as humans and I guess what we're going through in our lives just comes out naturally in our work. we're both very passionate people and constantly chasing (and living) our dreams. 
being in our twenties, trying to establish who we are and where we fit in… we've found that for the last couple of years have both found it challenging being females in male dominated environments. so that naturally comes out in some of the film we've made in the past. however, not matter how much of us we put in there we always try and inject a universal truth or overarching theme into them – and try and most importantly tell the story of the person we're flaming.

how did the first movie came up? 
claire gorman, the director of first love, asked us to get on board the project. it started of as just a small documentary from Phillip Island and snowballed into a film that's being sold all around the world. we filmed it on one camera – and just did what it took – even if it meant working full time jobs and spending our nights and weekends working on it.

i'm really into your name cos we can. 
hahaha. thanks. we just asked ourselves why we actually do what we do – the answer was 'cos we can'. it's funny because the americans would probably say coz – but we decided to go with the s.

fran, what can clare do better than you? 
clare can out swim me, and make everything look pretty.

and clare, what about fran? 
fran can out run me, and remember peoples names. I have to meet people about 3 times before I remember who they are. Fran is a gun at it.


FIRST LOVE TRAILER from Cos We Can on Vimeo.

i would love to get to know more about your first love.
fran: this is a tough one because my first love was a boy called Jarrod May. and he was who I was thinking of when I wrote that paragraph about falling in love. but at the same time I was falling in love with surfing through the making of first love. so I was trying to incorporate all the emotion and the experiences that I was having with the ocean at that time. I tend to fall in love a lot – it's probably what makes me a passionate person.
clare: apart from Fox Mulder in the X-Files, my first love at the wee age of 11? I'm going to have to give a typical answer and say the ocean. oh so corny, but I'm never happier then when I'm in the ocean. I can combine all my loves: swimming, shooting, surfing....


SO IT GOES from Cos We Can on Vimeo.

felicity talks about the pressure of the media that dictates how girls in surfing have to look like. what are you focused on when you film girls surfing?
we started to make so it goes with the intention of exploring the importance of a girls relationship to her father – because whenever we meet a surfer it was her father that taught her to surf. but when we went to shoot it the story naturally took on the mentality of the subject – Felicity Palmateer. all professional athletes are under a lot of pressure – and this particular weekend we filmed with Felicity – she was feeling it more than usual. that's what it turned out like.


this clip doesn't have a massive overarching theme, or life lesson – but the thing we like about it is is that it's only of the only behind the scene fashion shoot clips that we've seen that has a story! the other reason we like it is that it shows girls just being girls. which we love. everyone idolises people like models, surfers and other celebrities but what everyone needs to realise is they're just normal people that love the same kind if thing as them. you also get to see a side of Alana Blanchard that you wouldn't normally.

fran, please describe your work process.
creating the story is a bit of a journey. clare and I always chat about interesting themes that we want to inject into a film before we go and shoot. and then we're always inspired by someone else's film making. so we set out with a framework and then we shoot it and it completely changes depending on how that goes. it's a pretty fluid process. there's things I know that Clare won't do – and there's things she knows I won't do. we respect each other but we push each other to do things we wouldn't normally do.

clare, how is it for you as a photographer to work on movies?
I think for that for me it has only been an advantage to have my photography background. I admit it has taken some getting used to going from telling a story in one single frame, to many frames of moving footage and making sure I was capturing everything I needed to to tell a story. what makes my work unique has always been light and framing, and I have tried inject this into my filming. telling stories is a huge focus for Fran and I and what we strive to achieve in all our work. 

what's your favorite surf movie? (except first love)
holy moly this is a tough one. blue crush perhaps? I think we have seen it about 10 times. stories, we want stories!

at the very end please tell us three sentences you would answer with "cos we can"
why do you do what you do?
why did you go surfing in the middle of the week?
why did you just eat doritos for dinner?

all photos by clare plueckhahn

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