we are all explorers and we think it's way more fun to discover new and hidden places along with our soulmates. so thought carina and tanja from nectar and pulse and created something vibrant and individual.

we make …
personal cityguides based on insider tips of selected, vibrant locals.
we do it because ...
we love traveling, inspiring people and authentic spots.

as we do most people love to travel, love to explore new places and love to meet new people. what was the point to make traveling to your profession?
we noticed there is a gap for well-designed, personal written and design-focused cityguides. traveling is a great topic to build your brand on. the possibilities are endless and people will always want to discover new places, countries, people and cities.

please tell us more about you and the personal travelguide. 
we both grew up on the austrian countryside and met in 2004 while studying design and productmanagement in salzburg. Since we met we traveled together and have lived in salzburg, vienna, hamburg, london, new york, stockholm and now munich.
we founded our company nectar & pulse – your local soulmates in 2010. our guides are based on the personal hotspots of selected locals. On you can choose the local soulmates who fit your interests and lifestyle best and customize them to your own personal guide.

 anna malmberg, local soulmate, paris

who is the perfect local soulmate for you?
our perfect local soulmates are bon vivants who make the most of now. they are hungry for life and play in a world of complex music, intense flavors, exciting places and epic experiences. they love their city and know it very well. they are curious, open-minded and travelgeeks. 

do most trips bring you to cities or do you also enjoy to have adventures in the wild?
we love contrasts! drinking "buttermilch" on a little alm or skiing in the mountains on one day and dancing the night away in a buzzing underground club on the next day. we are big city girls with a "heidi-heart". Beside our cityguides we will also produce special wilderness/countryside guides in 2012. 

carina, if tanja were a city which city would she be and why?
tanja would be a mix of stockholm and paris. the swedishness (tanja is half swedish half austrian), design- and fashionorientation of stockholm. the contrasts: pure, bright light of swedish summers and dark coldness of swedish winters. the mix of water and land, the different islands with various characteristics combined with the elegance and feminity of paris.

and which city would be carina?
she would be a mix of zell am see and new york. the beauty, nature, quietness, bluebird-sky and mountains of zell am see mixed with the speed, vibrant energy, culture, contrasts, art, entrepreneurial spirit and non-sleeping / everything is possible attitude of new york.

imagine you are planning a journey around the world and you can stop in just five places. which places would that be?
costa rica – south africa – maui – papua neuginea – tokyo

on your website we´ve seen posters and jewellery by nectar and pulse. what are you planning? what´s next?
on the one hand we are going to create many more cityguides and regionguides. on the other hand we will extend with accessories and more products inspired by traveling.

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