full of vim we left the video premiere of 5 more minutes ... please?! last thursday. you can feel that this video was made by girls as there is so much love in it. it´s the perfect mixture of impressive girls doing thrilling moves, pushing boundaries and fooling around. riders like basa stevulova, ana rumiha, aline bock and urska pribosic hit the most exciting european snowboarding regions to bring you 40 minutes full of beautiful shoots which are accompanied by super great music. they were even up to mischief in turkey! you need to see that.

the one and only sophie

anybody who escaped from being lipsticked at the video premiere was next latest at the afterparty

the kussboy obviously enjoyed each and every kiss

wohoo, conny got a snowboard to give away ...

... for the best yodeling girl

a big hooray for the ladies on the decks. 
nomadee and ella!

thanks to everybody who shared good vibes with us!
and special thanks to conny bleicher und sophie morwatz for creating this great video and partying with us.

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