(photo by want-ette / les ettes)

crista is an observer. she grew up in different countries and never felt like part of any culture. this circumstance allows her to watch things from a particular distance. the combination of crista´s love for nature and her imagination rises stories. stories about the journey called life. watching her pictures make us feel free. and as we can´t get enough of her beautiful nostalgic photographs we asked crista to rummage in her archives and show us ...

... a place you would like to stay forever or you would like to come back over and over again. 
it doesn´t have to be a specific place, but I would stay in the mountains, any mountains, forever.

... something you never can get enough of.
music, I love discovering new music, traveling, reading, nature, family, friends.

... a moment that pauses you.
taking photos, stopping to think, drinking tea (!), walking, reading.


... something that gives you energy.

... something that reminds you on your childhood.
the smell of snow.

... a situation that felt like a dream.
taking photos.

... a moment that moved you deeply.
adopting my dog, nuut.

... something that accompanies you all along.
my diary and my camera.

(photo by nathalie sanchez)

... a situation you learnt from.
to stick to your principles.

... your soulsisters.
I´ve met many amazing women thanks to my job, here are just some of them.


... something funny that happened on your last journey.
these guys made us all laugh when they came to my home country andorra.
... something you would like to share with us.
I´m moving to barcelona for good (again) in september.

... something you would never take a photograph of.
hmmm … well obviously something that could hurt or put anyone in an awkward situation. photos can sometimes be used against other people in political or even personal situations and I would never want to use my camera against someone. but as for a specific subject, I would never photograph torture unless it was to shed light on a terrible situation. otherwise I want to remain as objective as possible, an observer. 

such a sensitive talent cannot be kept secret. crista´s narrative style already attracted attention of different brands and magazines. crista shot campaigns for les ettes and is element eden advocate. here you can follow her everday´s story.

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