sophie combines all those things that make us feel good and turn our world to a shiny place. she mixes music, sports, creativity and art by using her film camera to capture phantasies and visions. her dream factory is called littlestar films and as for the rest we´d like to leave the story to her.

talking about myself ... great (laughs)! well my name is sophie morawetz aka littlestar films. I am 23 years young and my life mission is to tell stories using the magic of pictures! raised and born into a film family (pretty much everyone in our family has something to do with the film industry) I knew pretty early in my life that making movies is and will be my thing. so here I am a young film director/maker with big goals.

my first ever movie was a documentary about the rock pop band sorgente. I was on tour with them for two years and filmed every second of their life. one more year was needed to narrow the 120 hours footage down to a 89 minutes documentary: "sorgente-SUCKcessful DAYze". now I am the proud director, editor and cinematographer of the movie. these three years were my first steps into the hectic life of a film maker.

at the moment my full attention belongs to lipstick productions – an all female snowboard production with one of the best european riders.

how did the collaboration between you and lipstick productions come about?
conny bleicher who I met last year at sista sessions sent me an e-mail last october while I was living the pura vida in costa rica asking me whether I was interested in realising a lipstick productions movie. I said I was down for that and here we are. I have to say that the winter conditions this season are giving us a hard time but we´re trying to make the best out of it.

what´s the charm of lipstick productions?
well we are a bunch of extremely motivated females. all we want is to have fun, go ride and share this with the rest of the world. I once read: "happiness only real when shared".

what´s the whole trick about making videos?
when it comes to extreme sports movies it´s all about being fast and creative. you can not really plan everything. all you have is a mountain and snow. so when it comes to shooting the athlete you have to know where to shoot from and how. you have to be faster than the light, you hike, you built a kicker, you argue with the photographer cause they´re in your shot, you wait, and so on. the art is to be fast, do your own thing. I listen to music. this way it is easier to imagine everything how it will look like for the actual movie.

does your film family gave you any precious tips to take along on your way as a film maker?
well my mother always told me to stay focused; do your own thing no matter what. it is hard for a woman to be a recognised film director/maker. especially when it comes to extreme sports. which I kind of understand cause you need to be physically fit to do that job. so when I carry all my camera gear, skis, etc I do often reach my physical limits. to be honest I don´t know a single female extreme sports film maker. nevertheless the best advice is "do your own thing".

the crew travels a lot. do you already know where your next trip will bring you to?
we´ve just been to turkey which was a lot of fun. culture shock included. our next trip should be norway end of april.

we could imagine you guys experience a lot of fun things on your trips. what was the funniest or weirdest thing you remember?
it´s always funny and exciting. if ana rumiha – the crazy croatian chick – is on bord you can expect really weird stuff to happen all the time. if you want to know what exactly you should watch the  movie which should be released in october 2011. stay updated on our website for pictures and more information.

at lipstick productions "it´s all about looking damn good". does it count for you behind the camera as well ?
of course! nikita and billabong just supplied me with some nice outerwear. but I don´t wear lipstick like the other girls. (laughs)

what is it that let you go on and on?
I have this inner desire to capture life on film. my life is all about joy and sports at the moment so being able to film all that keeps me going! check my homepage to get to know more about my projects.

quentin tarantino or sofia coppola?
sofia coppola!
analog or digital?
analog. i wish i can do this one day.
pommes with ketchup and mayo or germknödel?
jumping off a 10 m high board or kuddling a bull dog?
10 meters high board, that´s fun!

sophie gives us her brightest smile for our "smile at your sister - collection" haha!

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