hi, i am ... lisa filzmoser
at the moment i am ... in innsbruck
but i would like ... to be on the beach and surf ... as well
at school i was ... lazy
but now ... i am totally motivated 

to ask the question who is that girl might be inappropriate in lisa´s case, because you won´t come around lisa. lisa is everywhere. she just won the "best female video part" for never get older, she is ette girl of the month, she is part of the european girl shred video crew lipstick productions and she travels around japan with her boys to collect new footage. we count ourselves lucky to catch her in between.

first of all congratulations! you won the price for the best female video part. that´s pretty amazing. please tell us what´s going on and what´s coming up besides that.
tomorrow i will go to japan with my true color films boys. it´s our second season with our own production. you can take a look at it on truecolorfilms.com. you will find videos and our blog and yeah, our first teaser is out! in the beginning of next season we will bring out three trip movies. we filmed in japan, in the alps and in canada.

you have a lot of sponsors like nikita, vans and les ettes. is it hard to satisfy them likewise?
yes, i´m so grateful for all my sponsors and for their support. without them i couldn´t travel as much as i do and i wouldn´t be able to give everything. in return i work on video parts and go after good pictures the whole season long. that´s not as easy as it sounds. but it´s really good fun! the results are in videos and magazines and that make the sponsors happy.

do you remember your first snow experience?
i can´t really remember. i just know that i was in snow in early days and that i loved to eat it.

you call your sister your hero. are you alike and do you have a close relationship?
we are really close, although we don´t see each other often. we both love the mountains and being together with our family and to hike or just nestling. sabrina is a disciplined and ambitious athlete and a real hearty person. there´s a lot to learn from her.

please tell us about your favourite snowboard moment.
it´s just being around with my friends on powder days. these are my favourite moments.

in our view it´s always the girls where it´s saved up at first. let´s take the roxy chicken jam. it´s one of the biggest girls contests and it was cancelled this year in europe. do you think girls are supported equal as boys?
yes, girls are good supported, they are getting also better all the time. but they also have to fight hard for their image. there are enough machos in the business you have to convince.

now it´s up to you lisa.
winter in alaska or summer in australia? 
winter in alaska or better spring ;)
air or rail? 
the cosby show or friends? 
uhh that´s hard. the 10-year-old lisa says cosby show and the 18 year-old-one friends, hehe.

photos by rudography.com, carlosblanchard.com 

at the very end we have a sweet sweet surprise. you can be the lucky winner of love-ette by les ettes. the girls from les ettes collaborate with talented inspiring female personalities and produce non-alcoholic perfumes and cosmetics. the only thing you need to do is to write an email to smileatyoursister@gmail.com  and let us know what´s lisa´s favourite perfume. we keep our fingers crossed for you guys!

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