we are still holding our bellies after eating masses of mum´s yummy christmas cookies. so why not carry on with the sweet side of life? say hi to frl. zucker! she´s a sugar bomb. frl. zucker loves cats, cycling, zines, girl bands and big breakfasts. she shares all of that and much much more with you on her lovely blog.

hi frl. zucker, one of your series is called "cute but dangerous". we like that. how would you describe yourself?
luise said: "we look cute but don´t mess with us." she is right. i have difficulties to describe myself.

your photographs transport ease and clearness.
what does unbalance you?
when i did not eat something for longer than 3 hours.

what do you think about growing up?
it´s definitely on the list of things i would like to do once in my life.

you seem to be a big fan of lists.
how´s about the list of your favourite lists?
top 5 breakfast cereals
top 5 meals you can make out of avocados
top 5 sorts of pencils
top 5 songs i´d like to sing in a karaoke bar

some time ago you made these "what i wore today" drawings. what do you think about blogging about fashion?
i read tavi gevinson´s blog. apart from that i don´t care much about fashion blogs. i like nice clothes if i don´t have to search for them too long.

is your impulse to create things or keep hold of something strongly distincted? do the things happen automatically or is your approach an aware one?
i´m sorry, i´m no genius. my ideas don´t come constantly. that would be amazing! sometimes things happen by accident and then i ask myself what i´m doing actually.

let´s come to our either ... or questions.
morning or afternoon? morning
pale blue or pink? pink, obviously
chocolate or caramel? hmmm, chocolate with caramel!
somersault or cartwheel? no, not really

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