uuh yeah! we would have never dared to dream to meet billabong pro junior ellie-jean coffey and to get a surflesson by her personally. ellie-jean is one of the brightest stars of australian junior female surfing. rarely before we met such a natural and fun girl. she lives a dream.

ellie-jean was accompanied by her little sister holly-sue. they are both hailing from a family of surfers. for a long time the whole family was travelling around australia in a bus to catch the best waves and aim for the stars.

ellie-jean was so nice to borrow me her wetsuit. 
ellie-jean (with a serious facial expression): have you peed into it?
me: naturally not! 
ellie-jean: oh ok, it would have been no problem.

thanks to ellie-jean we know australian dollars are undestroyable. wheter you take them to water for surfing or try to burst.

we´d like to say thank you to all the people who made this day possible. we enjoyed the lesson with ellie-jean, holly-sue and their helpful dad jason and will never forget this wonderful day on manly beach.

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