take a look at felicity palmateer and you feel summer. she is an australian pro junior sponsored by billabong and all she loves is surfing. we are totally into her positive attitude and her easygoing style. all the more we are super happy to get to know more about her.

hey felicity, it´s such a pleasure to have the chance to talk to you. please tell us a little bit about you and your attitude towards life.
I am 17 years old and have grown up in the most remote city in the world in Perth, Western Australia. I have grown up with my parents and have two younger brothers and I am also half Dutch. I was also brought up as a vegetarian and am often told that I am missing out on a joy of life by lots of people because of this haha I don’t believe it. I have a passion for surfing and everything that comes with it. I also have a love for art. I love it so much and in my down time that is what I love to do. I enjoy doing anything to do with it. Lots of the decisions that I have made these last few years has been to do with investing in my body and health I feel like a better person for it and a healthier one too. I love to also make sure that I enjoy everything that I do, as much as I can. I love hanging around people that make me laugh as well, it is the best medicine and always puts me in a good mood no matter what.

for how long do you surf now?
I have been surfing for as long as I can remember. I started off body boarding and then attempting to stand up on it and my dad straight away got me onto a surf board and started taking me to the beach every morning before school. I didn’t start competing until I was around about 10 years old and have made so many friends along the way.

was there somebody familiarizing you with surfing?
Yes there was someone who taught me almost everything that I know about the surfing and that person is my dad. He was a surfer from a young age as well and I think that he wanted to share what he loved with his kids.

what´s the best about surfing?
There are so many great things about surfing that I’ve learnt each time that I’ve entered the water. I love the feeling of the water and how fresh and alive that it makes me feel, surfing at the start of each day makes me feel refreshed and ready to start a new day and I forget everything that was bothering me before. One of the best things about surfing though is the people that you meet. I’m always travelling around the world so I am constantly meeting new people and revisit them often when I return to that place. You also learn about how they live and their culture.

do you have besides your talent for surfing also an artistic streak?
Yes as well as surfing I am also really interested in art. It has played a big part in my life so far and I find it very enjoyable. My room is full of journals that I have doodled (scribbles and drawings) in and portfolios with my work in it. My favourite medium to work with is probably ink and I love to paint whales as well as anything to do with the sea. I also spray all of my own boards which I find really fun because I get to use spray paint and learn about this medium.

please describe your relationship to water.
The relationship that I have with the water is like a relationship I have with my friends or family I feel so comfortable in it and I feel like nothing could ever go wrong. I feel like the ocean is a character
or person and depending on what mood it is in, it affects me. I also feel like I can escape to the ocean and get away from anything.

you have been in europe some weeks ago to take part at billabong estoril WQS and swatch girls WQS in france. how was the atmosphere and are you satisfied with your results?
It was my first time to Europe and I loved it. Everywhere that I looked was just like a postcard and so pretty. The atmosphere is great and so laid back. I went to Portugal first for the Billabong Estoril WQS where I didn’t do so well in that event but I loved the place and the people. I really wanted to do well in France then and I ended up with a ninth so I was really happy with the result and lost out to the current world champ Stephanie Gilmore who went on to win the event so I can’t complain. I loved this trip and got to meet some really cool people that I know I will always be friends with down the track and will definitely visit next time I go to Europe.

how do you practise surfing? do you also have regular training?
When I was at school my dad would take me every day before and after school if we had the time. Back then I didn’t take surfing as serious. Now that I am finished with school I have a lot of spare time on my hands and have a regular training regime that I try and stick to as best as I can when I’m at home.

you look really happy and full of energy on all pictures. for what reason you burst out laughing the last time?
Haha yeh I am always happy most of the time and whatever happens I try to look at the positive side of things. The last time that I laughed was the other day when I watched a movie that me and my friend Dimity made, it is really funny, you have to watch it!

so felicity, and now some either ... or questions

blue crush or endless summer? Endless summer
mc donald´s or a fresh burger from your favourite beach bar? Definitely a burger from my favourite beach bar – Andy’s Store in Yallingup, Western Australia has the best lentil and vegetarian burgers.
sunrise or sunset? I love both I can’t choose, sunrise because it is the start of a new day and new beginnings but sunset because it is amazingly beautiful and I love the colours of both.
bikini or swimsuit? Bikini!!!!!!

yay, all questions answered correct :) we wish you a lot of inspiration and energy for your future! and we say thank you for this adorable picture of you and the smiley on the beach.

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