there is this pain deep inside her. at some point we've got to realize it's too late. it is now to decide. the earth climate is changing. imagine 6 degrees. if the temperature of human body is going to rise this much, it dies.
anna mendelssohn talks about responsibilities, pain, human concerns and the need to act. once talking serious, then with a bunch of sarcasm or with a touch of sensitivity, where she just started to cry. anna did an amazing performance fullfilled with emotion and honesty. sometimes speaking english, sometimes german. sometimes as a politician, sometimes as a woman trying to manage her life, worrying about finding the right man and having children. she got into the character of martin luther king, holding a speech to the audience. there is no question that anna mendelssohn, as a scientist, politician, activist or surgeon is a talented artist, who did an interesting and touching performance.
she compared evolution with improvisated dance while her skin peeled off and her elbows get wounded and she cried and she cried and cried until the light get off and the darkness finished her solo climate summit in tqw wien.

"everything is so much more complicated than you think. 
there are a million little strings attached to every choice you make. 
at some point I began to cry. And that went on for many months. 
because how do you refreeze the ice up there? it just can´t be done."

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